When you’re running a business, it’s easy for documents to get lost in the corporate shuffle. But with paperless titles, your technology stack can easily keep track of those titles for you. 

What is a Paperless Title?

Titles are legal documents that show who owns a particular item. That thing could be property, a car, or even a company. The problem with titles is simple: they’re easy to lose without the right organizational process.

And if you work with titles, you know that recreating one takes time. And time costs money.

A paperless title is something that you use to help you keep track of your documents or your client’s files. It’s essentially digital copy documentation of your physical paperwork. With paperless titles, you and your clients are protected against lost, stolen, or damaged documents, you can quickly make duplicates if you lose the original, and it eases the process of trying to transfer vehicle ownership. 

How Can I Use eFileCabinet To Help Me Manage My Paperless Titles?

Paperless titles make document access much easier, especially when you combine it with eFileCabinet. As the one responsible for  your documents, you want to make sure that you can keep track of everything while making sure it’s not taking up too much space in the office. Especially because physical documents are more prone to getting misplaced.

With automatic workflows, eFileCabinet can notify your coworkers about the  process of documentation. These workflows make it easier to process, handle, and share paperless titles. eFileCabinet allows you to access what you need and let the system keep it organized and secure for you. So you can focus on the more valuable work that also demands your attention.

Think that might work for you? Try a demo today. Using Rubex by eFileCabinet to create, store, and maintain your paperless titles will make paperwork easier than ever.

eFileCabinet Keeps All Your Documents In One Important Place

When you’re at work, it’s up to you to get all of your tasks done. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about where your documents are or trying to input data that could be automated. Whether you’re trying to protect your documents, keep everything organized, or trying to share and transport information on time, Rubex can help you get it done fast and easily, 

Get Your Paperwork Under Control

eFileCabinet can help you spend less time doing low-value work and spend more time doing high-value work instead.

Discover more about how Rubex can start automating your office processes. Let’s talk today.