Paperless Office Software Solutions — Saving Time, Space, and Money

Paperless Office Software Solutions — Saving Time, Space, and Money

[salesforce form=”5″]Paperless software solutions have the potential to make any business run smarter and more efficiently. The benefits of using software solutions by eFileCabinet ultimately breaks down into 3 categories — saving users time, space, and money. These 3 categories are interrelated; optimizing efficiency in time management and office space usage naturally leads to less workplace tedium, increased savings, and higher profits. Enabling businesses to spend less time on mundane office tasks, while maximizing profitable work time and output, is what eFileCabinet was built for.

To understand the wastefulness surrounding creating, keeping, and searching through paper documents, here are some facts:

On average organizations who rely on paper filing —

  • Spend $20 in labor to file a single paper document.
  • Spend $120 every year searching for misfiled documents.
  • Lose 1 out of 20 documents.
  • Spend 25 hours recreating each lost document.
  • Make 19 copies of each document.

All this adds up, consuming an organization’s time, office space, and money. It also decrease customer satisfaction as they work with an organization that is much less efficient than it could be.

Modern workplaces have come to accept, or simply don’t notice, the losses caused by paper filing systems — but they don’t have to. The specific ways that paperless software can solve inefficiencies in managing work time, office space, and labor costs are:

Saves Time

By using paperless software to manage files, the need to spend time making trips to the filing cabinet, searching through it, refiling, and looking for misfiled or lost documents is eliminated. With a paperless solution, it takes only a few seconds to search electronically for a document, and there are several advanced search methods not possible with paper filing to boot. With paperless document storage you can search for an item by date created, date modified, author, metadata, text, titles, etc. Accessing files with eFileCabinet is not only faster, but more thorough than ever. Sending files also, to clients or employees who are away from the office, can be done much faster, and far less costly, and more securely, than overnighting paper documents.

Saves Space

Modern workplaces, whether leased or owned, cost a premium price. Using expensive work space which cost companies and organizations tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) annually, is not the most efficient use of resources. By storing files electronically, that space previously used to store documents becomes open for equipment and personnel that actively bring value to their organization.

Saves Money

By significantly reducing the time it takes to access and share documents, workers who were previously getting paid to handle paper, can now spend their time filling other, more valuable roles in their business, agency, or company. Additionally, employees and customers that need to access files kept on record remotely, can receive the needed information in the time it takes to have a conversation, without the added cost of premium postage and overnight mailing.
As efficiency increases, costs and headaches decrease, productive time increases, and the confidence that customers feel in your business will increase substantially.

Paperless office saves time increases profitability

Our Company

As a company, eFileCabinet started with one goal in mind: to provide simple to use but focused software solutions for helping our customers manage their files more efficiently and increase their profits. Based in Utah, eFileCabinet has been in business for close to 13 years now, and has worked with customers largely in the space of compliance, small business, finance, accounting, and other experts, though our solutions can benefit anyone who deals with paper. We have over 123,000 users and that number continues to grow daily.
eFileCabinet offers three main products, eFileCabinet (desktop version) eFileCabinet online (online version), and SecureDrawer (Client portal) which are all simple, streamlined, and robust. With a single solution, or a combination of the 3 depending on need, anyone can manage and share files, communicate with their customers, and organize and secure their most sensitive documents more easily than ever.

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