Setting Up A Paperless Office

Why Create a Paperless Office?
When the original filing cabinet was introduced in early 1900’s, it offered groundbreaking benefits in efficiency, organization, and increased productivity. However, the traditional cabinet is becoming increasingly unable to meet the demands of the modern workplace. On average, businesses spend $20 in labor to file individual paper documents, $120 annually in searching for misfiled documents, loses 1 out of 20 documents, makes 19 copies of each document, and spends 25 hours recreating each lost document.

To eliminate the losses that businesses suffer because of paper files and filing systems, eFileCabinet specializes in paperless document management system software that is more efficient, more secure, and more effective, than traditional methods.   eFileCabinet has brought the filing cabinet into the digital age to meet the demands of industries that are bogged down under a mountain of paper. By using eFileCabinet products to create a paperless office, businesses benefit in specific and measurable ways for increased savings in time, space, and money, and increased profits.


How to Create a Paperless Office

At eFileCabinet, we realize that every business is unique, and we offer several different software products to meet specific needs.

  • eFileCabinet On-Premise Desktop Version —  Our original product, this version of eFileCabinet is a program that is installed on your company computers, resides within your network, is protected by your firewall, and enjoys consistent high speeds.
  • eFileCabinet Online Cloud Version — With eFileCabinet online, the program is not installed on your company computers, but you can access it through the cloud. This allows your company to access eFileCabinet from virtually anywhere, is heavily encrypted, and frequently backed up.
  • SecureDrawer Client Portal — No paperless document management system is complete without a client portal. SecureDrawer allows very large files to be sent and shared instantly with clients, customers, and employees and securely and within industry regulatory standards.

Effects of Paperless Document Management
Paperless document management provides a platform for time and energy saving options that is  just not possible with traditional paper filing. Here are just a few workplace enhancing options:


Storage and Search Options

  • Number of Storage Methods — With eFileCabinet, a file can be saved in its native format, synced across multiple programs, exported, uploaded, and downloaded instantly
  • Scan — For existing paper documents, you can quickly scan them into your system and make digital versions.
  • Index — Indexing a document allows it to be tagged with certain keywords, which can then be searched as keywords for that document or set of documents.
  • OCR and Zonal OCR — When a document is scanned into eFileCabinet it can be run through the optical character recognition (OCR) engine , allowing each individual word within that document to become searchable text, which leads to much faster and easier searching. Zonal OCR applies this technology to certain portions of documents only.
  • Search — Searching for files has traditionally been one of the largest time consuming activities around the office. With eFileCabinet products, searching only needs to take a few seconds. Max. You can search for indexed tags on files, drawers, or whole cabinets, titles, individual words within files, or even create a custom searching filter if you are looking for something very specific.
  • Integration — eFileCabinet has integrated its products with other popular workplace enhancing products like QuickBooks and Microsoft Office Suite to make importing and exporting data between programs seamless, secure, and easy.


Security Features

  • Backups — eFileCabinet online and SecureDrawer benefit from frequent backups, at multiple secure locations, which help keep your confidential data safe even in the event of a disaster.
  • Encryption — eFileCabinet encrypts all its stored files and file sharing with 256 bit encryption. To give some context, many banks use 128 bit encryption for their online portal, which is about 2000 times less secure.
  • Role Based Securities — Role based securities can be applied to profiles, documents, and cabinets, which ensure that only authorized individuals have access to confidential files.
  • Audit Logs — Audit logs provide a record of who made what changes to a document.
  • Compliance — Because of the heavy emphasis eFileCabinet places on security and privacy, all our products are in compliance with HIPAA, SEC, and FINRA.
  • Access –  Securely sharing and accessing documents is easy and hassle free with eFileCabinet. By going paperless you can share cabinets, drawers, folders, or individual documents with clients, or employees instantly. Our client portal is SecureDrawer, and integrates seamlessly with eFileCabinet online and eFileCabinet desktop.


Benefits of Paperless Offices

By going paperless, businesses are able to save time, space, and money, while simultaneously increasing compliance and security. Ultimately, this translates to fewer headaches, higher customer satisfaction, substantial savings, and increased profits.


Using eFileCabinet for Your Paperless Office

Here is a quick introduction to how eFileCabinet helps  businesses and other organizations create paperless office environments. eFileCabinet  is the most  cost-effective and comprehensive paperless office solutions for small businesses, government entities, non-profits, and similar organizations.

If you’d like to have a demo of our solution for creating a paperless office, please fill out the form on this page to have one of our business efficiency experts contact you.