Face it, your HR department can’t afford to push paper anymore.

Consider the cost of not going paperless:

  • The typical office worker makes 61 trips per week to the fax machine, printer, and copier.
  • Filing costs average about  $20 per document.
  • Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain.
  • Every misfiled documentcosts firms $125  in lost productivity.
  • The Gartner Group estimates that 50% of small and medium-size businesses would go out of business within 3 years if lost data could not be recovered in 24 hours. Now, take into account the fact that 15% of all documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost altogether.
  • With 90% of company documents being paper, the question on “if” important company documents will be lost actually becomes a matter of “when” (K2 Enterprises).

eFileCabinet is your HR department’s answer to being streamlined, compliant, and cost-effective in today’s office environment.

eFileCabinet is simple, intuitive, and an affordable software that helps you capture, search/retrieve, and share your documents with the ease of sitting at your desk.

  • Capture documents from any input device, from any location
  • Ensures compliance with legislative acts like HIPAA, ADA, and regulations such as the Affordable Care Act
  • Award-winning client web portal (SecureDrawer) ensures sensitive documents are shared securely with 256-bit encryption
  • You choice of on-premise or in Cloud solution
  • Integrated with MS Office products
  • Digital workflow function
  • Zonal OCR
  • Lightning quick search and retrieval engine
  • Mobile apps allow you to access your documents from your handheld device