Paperless Document Organization Guide

Paperless Document Organization Guide

For businesses and organizations, switching to a paperless structure offers tremendous benefits in areas of helping structures stay organized, simple, and accessible. Enhancing the efficiency of paper flow within a business can help greatly reduce the amount of time employees spend doing paperwork, and increase the amount of time they spend on more productive and profitable activities. However, a paperless system can be very different to what most people are used to with traditional paper documents, metal file cabinets, and drawers. To help interested people understand the basics of using eFileCabinet’s paperless system, and the benefits of using a paperless system, we’ve made this organizational guide to show the basic structure.

How is eFileCabinet Organized?

eFileCabinet is a paperless document management system that mimics the physical cabinet in its basic layout and structure, but with many exciting time-saving and labor-saving improvements. At the top level, there are cabinets, within cabinets there are drawers, and within drawers there are folders. Documents and files are contained within the folder portion of the structure. There is no limit to the number of cabinets, drawers, and folders you can create.


Within eFileCabinet, you can create profiles for individuals. Profiles give the advantage of being able to assign role-based securities to employees on a need-to-know basis. You can also assign a role based security to drawers, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals can have access to drawers containing sensitive or confidential information. This greatly assists in areas of regulation and compliance. Role based securities and profiles makes it very easy to stay in compliance with agencies like HIPAA, FINRA, and the SEC.
Recalling Documents
Recalling documents is the easiest part of converting to a paperless office. You can search by name of cabinet, drawer, folder, or the document itself. Thanks to indexing and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, you may search for text phrases within documents and do not need to follow the structure path down to your desired document. For example, you can recall a document by going to the right cabinet, drawer, and folder, and then locate the document within. Or, you can search for phrases and keywords within documents and eFileCabinet will find the document automatically.

Reducing Unprofitable Work Time

Most organizations are not in the business of doing paperwork. Paperwork, paper filing, and paper storage is a necessary ancillary component, but sometimes becomes overwhelming, to the point that we feel like all we do is document management.
eFileCabinet takes the traditional physical file cabinet structure supercharges its efficiency, and loads it up with great features that make it easy to access and share, enhances security, and eliminates unprofitable time-heavy activities.
Making it easy to stay compliant
eFileCabinet has many customers in the financial and accounting industries where not only are there heavy paper loads, but compliance, security, and confidentiality are of the highest importance. Our products use 256-bit encryption and other robust security features to help keep eFileCabinet users well within standards set by organizations like FINRA, HIPAA, and the SEC.

Easy to Access and Share

Sharing documents, folders, drawers, and even entire cabinets with employees and customers takes only a few seconds with eFileCabinet’s client portal SecureDrawer. With SecureDrawer you can share the necessary documents with all your clients, even if they are not eFileCabinet users, they can be granted guest access allowing them to see the appropriate documents for an amount of time specified by you. With SecureDrawer you can files up to 100 times larger than with an email attachment, and you can do it far more securely than with email.

Enhance Organizational Efficiency

By using paperless software to manage files, the need to make trips to the filing cabinet, search through it, refile, and search for misfiled or lost documents is eliminated. With a paperless organizational solution, it takes only a few seconds to sort and recall documents in an intuitive and logical configuration, and there are several advanced search methods not possible with paper filing to boot.
As a company, eFileCabinet started with one goal in mind: To provide simple to use but focused software solutions for helping our customers manage their files more efficiently, increase savings, and increase profits. All of eFileCabinet’s products are simple, streamlined, and robust, designed to help our customers manage what has historically been a tedious aspect of business  the files. With eFileCabinet, anyone can manage and share files, communicate with customers, and organize and secure their most sensitive documents more easily than ever.
Paperless management products by eFileCabinet are designed to make everything involved with managing paperwork easier, simpler, less expensive, and faster. To see how an electronic filing system can benefit your business and make your life easier, fill out the form on this page for a free demo.