Paperless Document Storage and Management Software

Paperless Document Storage and Management Software

Document management software is a paperless solution for saving, storing, and managing all kinds of files. Anything from word documents to emails, PDF’s, video files, spreadsheets, photos, tax forms, and more. eFileCabinet specializes in providing the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive document management software. eFileCabinet provides the software to not only store information, but management it efficiently in an accessible and easily shareable way.

eFileCabinet offers a variety of software products to help meet individuals and organizations distinct needs. Each software product is designed to be smart and intuitive, and help minimize the amount of labor, time, and expense allocated to managing paper documents. By making paper management less of a hassle, organizations are able to save time, space, and money, which increases their savings and profits.

eFileCabinet Software Products:

eFileCabinet On-Premise Desktop Version
eFileCabinet Desktop is the version of our software that is loaded and saved on your desktops and internal networks. This product version is ideal for companies and organizations who want the peace of mind of knowing that all their information is stored within their own network. eFileCabinet Desktop also benefits from extremely high speeds and is not subject to variable connection speeds. The 2015 version of eFileCabinet desktop comes with CloudView, which combines all the benefits of eFileCabinet online with eFileCabinet Desktop. CloudView allows for automatic file back up and accessibility from out of office locations. eFileCabinet Desktop also comes with Active Directory Syncing, Simplifile integration, SCV export, compliance and regulatory tools, eSignature integration and more.
eFileCabinet Online Cloud Based Version
eFileCabinet Online is our electronic document management software for organizations that want the freedom to access their files anytime, anywhere. It provides a central location to capture, manage, share and protect all files handled within your office, both paper-based and digital.

Your account is accessed via web browser, so you don’t need to maintain your own servers,  and we back up all your files for you. All files are stored on in our state-of-the-art data centers. Information is  encrypted and advanced security measures are put in place so you don’t have to worry about your information or documents being stolen or hacked into.  Security, privacy, and confidentiality are ensured with 256 bit encryption, and servers protected by SAS 70 Type II data center. Our security measures ensure that you and your clients information is protected and that industry standards are followed.  eFileCabinet online also comes with free mobile apps, eSignature integration, File Sync, and Sales Force integration.

SecureDrawer Client Portal

SecureDrawer is a fast and secure file sharing portal that allows you to access and share critical business files with colleagues and clients 24/7 , using any internet connection.

Cloud-based SecureDrawer features a secure SAS 70 Type II data center that effectively prevents access to unauthorized users. The data residing on the servers is also protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

SecureDrawer also provides a much safer alternative to email. For starters, you’ll be able to avoid the file size and security limitations that are inherent with email attachments. You’ll also avoid the dangers posed by the internet that can even impact encrypted email and potentially compromise confidential information.

SecureDrawer can also even help you reduce the costs associated with paper document distribution and delivery services such as FedEx and UPS. And that means your company’s bottom line can look a whole lot healthier.

eFileCabinet software products are essential for any organization or individual who deals frequently with heavy paper volume. Our solutions can help minimize time spent on managing paper, and more time on producing goods and services. To see how document storage software can help you go paperless, saving time, space, and money, fill out the form on this page for a free demonstration.