Getting tired of being buried under a mound of paperwork? Or having work backed up because of looking for missing files, refiling, making copies, fixing a jammed printer? At eFileCabinet, we believe that the best way to avoid these hangups is with a paperless filing system.


What Exactly is a Paperless Filing System?

With paperless document filing, your physical file cabinet, drawers, and folders are replaced with digital versions. The basic layout is the same, but instead of opening a drawer containing paper documents, all you need to do is click and you have access to all your files from your computer. With paperless electronic filing, you can store any type of file digitally, regardless of size. With your paperless document filing system you can create as many file cabinets, drawers, and file folders as you need without taking up a single square foot of expensive office space. Whether you’re using our online product, or our desktop version, the web interface looks and feels the same. Files are easily accessible within their folders, and having everything saved in one central, paperless location keeps things more organized and consistent.


How do I Set Up a Paperless Document File System?

Setting up a paperless office is easy and hassle-free with eFileCabinet. We offer multiple filing and file sharing systems to meet our customers diverse needs—eFileCabinet Online, eFileCabinet Desktop, and SecureDrawer. Fill out the form on this page to talk to one of our experts and see how eFileCabinet can work for you.

Paperless file system options offered by eFileCabinet:


eFileCabinet Online

For those who are constantly on the go, we have an online version that is accessible remotely through either a web browser, or eFileCabinet desktop icon. With eFilecabinet online, you save and access all your files in the Cloud, meaning that your data is stored securely on eFileCabinet servers across multiple locations. One of the greatest advantages of this file system is that eFileCabinet provides the secure infrastructure. All data is saved and backed up on our servers, and communications are protected with 256-bit encryption (which is safer than many banking websites). With the online filing system, you can access your files anytime, anywhere, from any browser capable device, and with minimal equipment.


eFileCabinet Desktop

The 2015 On-premise desktop version of eFileCabinet is loaded and saved on your personal or business computer and all your documents are saved there. The desktop product is very fast, and avoids the variability that sometimes comes with accessing the Cloud via wireless. eFileCabinet Desktop provides customers with the peace of mind of knowing that their data is stored within their firewall, on their network, and on their computers, while still benefiting from frequent backups thanks to CloudView. Cloudview, a new product by eFileCabinet, brings the best features of eFileCabinet Online to eFileCabinet Desktop. With eFileCabinet Desktop 2015, users can now have the added security and backup functionality of online Cloud storage. eFileCabinet desktop 2015 combined with CloudView represents one of the most advanced and comprehensive ways to store documents and files. It combines eFileCabinet Desktop with all the best features of eFileCabinet Online for the ultimate document management experience.


How Does a Paperless Document Filing System Increase Profits?

eFileCabinet is centered around helping our clients save time, labor, space, and money. We want to maximize our customers choices and flexibility by providing as many convenient and secure storage and sharing options as possible.

By giving our customers the flexibility to manage their documents in the most effective way for them, and reducing the time it takes to access and share files, eFileCabinet users are able to save time, resulting in saved money. By reducing the tedium of doing paperwork and freeing up additional time for workers who were previously spending too much effort handling paper, eFileCabinet helps increase bottom-line profits. Now, workers can spend their time filling other, more valuable roles in their business, agency, or company. Additionally, employees and customers who need to remotely access files can receive the needed information in the time it takes to have a conversation, without the added cost of premium postage and overnight mailing. As efficiency increases, costs and headaches decrease, productive time increases, and the confidence that customers feel in your business will increase substantially.

Additional Benefits

  • Going paperless—Protects your customers, protects your company, and protects your bottom line. Customers prefer paperless because our client portal program allows for instant sharing of appropriate documents with them.
  • Allows for quick adaption—As technology advances we stay on the cutting edge instead of playing catch up years later.
  • Low cost—The cost of data is becoming less and less expensive. (less than 10 cents for a gig!) The cost of paper products (paper, printers, fax machines, toner, ink, repair, maintenance, etc.) actually adds up significantly, and our products eliminate the need for it.
  • Government encouragement—The government actually encourages switching over because information is less likely to be lost or mishandled.
  • Risk associated with keeping and storing people’s personal information, tax information, etc. is drastically reduced with eFileCabinet products. We help our customers stay SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA compliant. Ultimately increasing customer and employee satisfaction and reducing risk.

Our products are designed to be streamlined, synchronized, and user-friendly. We’ve created a number of features such as forms and pre-made templates to help make our products as intuitive as possible. As a company, eFileCabinet started with one goal in mind: to provide simple to use but focused software solutions for helping our customers manage their files more efficiently and increase profits. These tutorial videos are part of our ongoing mission to provide support to our customers to ensure that they are able to meet their goals, increase satisfaction, and increase profits. Fill out the form on this page to talk to one of our experts and see how eFileCabinet can work for you.