Two primary objectives of a reliable document management and paperless office system are to save money and to permit the more efficient use of time, including decision-making and approval processes. eFileCabinet’s workflow module is designed specifically to meet these important goals for businesses and organizations of many different types. These objectives consistently are achieved using various protocols available through the comprehensive workflow module.


Automatic Routing Feature Enhances Security and Efficiency

Efficiency on a project, or in the general operation of a business or organization, often ends up hampered in the absence of an appropriate secure routing process. Workflow includes an automatic routing feature that securely and seamlessly conveys documents, data, and associated items without delay.


Identify, Track, and Eliminate Inefficiencies

When it comes to project progress and workflow management, potential inefficiencies are not always identifiable upfront. The key is being able to quantify them before inefficient blips evolve into something that may be far more serious.

Another of the key components of workflow is the module’s systemic ability to identify, track, and even eliminate inherent and unexpected inefficiencies in any particular progress.


Consistent Accountability Tracking

eFileCabinet’s Advanced workflow permits an easy tracking of documents and overall processes. This readily is accomplished by simply checking statuses on a single screen. One of the significant benefits of workflow being a secure, Cloud-based application is that status, progress information, and data consistently are available in real time.

Thanks to this particular element of this paperless office technology, staff accountability effectively is maintained. Equally important, project managers and others need not unnecessarily squander valuable time tracking workers.


Property Based Routing Application

A unique feature of workflow is the module’s ability to appropriately route individual documents based upon properties contained within those items. This particular functionality greatly enhances the overall efficiency of the system. Although a person is able to manually determine the routing of documents and other materials, a director or manager and anyone else involved in an organization or specific project can rest assured knowing that proper routing nevertheless occurs based on the content of materials and other associated data.


Secure Document and Data Transmission

Being Cloud-based in its application, workflow provides a highly secure environment for the dissemination and conveyance of documents, data, and other materials. Included within the overall security apparatus associated with the module is the protection against inappropriate transmission of materials to an unintended recipient.