OpenDocMan is a web-based document management solution that was developed under the open-source GPL license. This means users can access it at no cost and modify it as they see fit. Off-site hosted options are also available for a monthly subscription fee. What makes OpenDocMan different from many other open-source document management software products is that users can integrate it with their existing business rules, which eliminates the need to make changes.

OpenDocMan is easy to use, even for individuals with a non-technical background. It’s also easy to set up—the automated installation requires minimal IT team effort. The IT staff has the flexibility to delegate document management functions and control document and data access throughout the organization by setting user and group permissions as required. OpenDocMan is written in PHP and designed to comply with ISO 17025, the main standard implemented by calibration and testing laboratories.

The following OpenDocMan review will help you understand the software’s features and benefits as well as some of its limitations.


Key OpenDocMan Features and Benefits

  • Document management file capabilities: OpenDocMan enables you to add virtually any type of file directly from your web browser and to store them on your server. You can also customize metadata fields for each file. You can even create custom document properties based on your organization’s unique requirements.
  • Document management workflows: OpenDocMan also allows for automated document management workflows, and document reviewers can accept or reject new or modified documents.
  • Flexible document search options: You can conduct quick-browse document searches by category, author, or department, or you can execute full-text search via numerous search criteria.
  • Document management security: Individual departments are able to control document access on a per-file basis. Individuals can also be designated as users, administrators, or super administrators.
  • Multilingual capabilities: OpenDocMan can support a variety of languages including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, and many others.


OpenDocMan Limitations

As with many open-source document management software products, OpenDocMan does have certain limitations. It is only able to execute metadata searches, and not content searches. If you wish to perform content searches, you’ll need to add a content search function. Its simplicity and ease of use can also pose a significant disadvantage in certain instances. OpenDocMan may not be sophisticated enough for more complex document and data management tasks that are required by some organizations.


Are There Viable OpenDocMan Alternatives?

One of the better OpenDocMan alternatives—especially for functions such as accounting, finance, and other areas that must comply with strict regulatory requirements—is the suite of document management software solutions offered by eFileCabinet. Whether you choose the desktop or online version, eFileCabinet can provide an efficient and modern software product that can handle even the most complex document management challenges. Making the transition to eFileCabinet from a paper document storage environment could even end up saving you thousands of dollars per year, primarily by reducing labor costs.

Although eFileCabinet is not a no-cost open-source document management software product, it does offer one extremely important benefit that the typical open-source product cannot: advanced data security. The fact that eFileCabinet desktop and online products are FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA compliant gives you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is safe and secure. Adding the eFileCabinet SecureDrawer product also allows you to securely send documents to your clients and stakeholders.


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