There are dozens of open source document management software (DMS) available. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, especially when considering their features in context of what specifics business needs you might have. By using free DMS, a company might be saving money but they might be losing time if they have intricate business operations—and that is not good business. However, every business is unique and they have to analyze their business requirements and decide on a way forward to build their enterprise IT & DMS solution.

Here are some of the open-source document management solutions there are on the market and a quick comparison of each of their features to those of eFileCabinet.



FileDepot is written in Drupal and has a modern Web 2.0 design and is a familiar interface for organizing and finding files. Cloud Tag and File Tagging are supported to organize and search records. FileDepot supports all file types, and the admin module allows for definition of allowable file extensions and allows the admin to delegate folder administration to other users in any combination of permissions per folder. New versions of files are automatically versioned. Previous versions are still available. There are reports to view the latest files, most recent folders, bookmarked files, and locked or unread files.

Users can flag a document as ‘locked’ to alert users that it is being updated.

While FileDepot offers access control, document conversion, document indexing, full-text search, and version control, eFileCabinet offers that and more. Here of some of the additional features to expect from eFileCabinet: archiving & retention, collaboration, compliance management, document delivery, electronic signature, email, and forms and print management, as well as OCR, full text search, and version control.



OpenDocMan is written in PHP, and it runs on most web servers.


Here are some of the key features of the document management software:

  • Files are locally stored on a web server for secure and easy backup.
  • With a 100% web-based interface, no FTP is required, as files are directly uploaded from your web browser and any file type can be added to the system. Each file can get metadata fields. Every file can be assigned to a department/category, and a check-out feature prevents overwriting of edits.
  • OpenDocMan offers detailed revision records and customizable document properties to match company needs. With OpenDocMan, there is an automated documented review and file expiration, and changes can be tracked and reviewed. There is also an option for email notifications.



There are no external indexing processes required and users can quick-browse search by author, department, or category. For a more in-depth or full search, use metadata, author, department, category, file name, comments, etc.



There is a secure URL feature and some user access control with three user types: User, Admin, and Super-Admin.


Multiple Language Support

OpenDocMan does not offer compliance adherence, integration features, OCR, or all-hour support.



LogicalDOC has an intuitive interface and new users usually do not need training. Simply drag and drop files to the Cloud. LogicalDOC automatically imports all business files, indexes them, and makes them available for research and collaboration. LogicalDOC stores any size document or group of documents through a secure, central repository.

This solution has much to offer, like access controls, archiving and retention, collaboration, document conversion, document delivery, document indexing, electronic signature, email management, full-text search, OCR, and version control. But in a business-ready DMS, we still need print management and compliance management, which eFileCabinet can help with.


Here is a look at eFileCabinet’s features:

  • Desktop features include CloudView and automatic backup with no additional hardware requirements, and information can be viewed remotely from any device with an internet connection.
  • It has web portal capabilities with SecureDrawer.
  • SecureDrawer is a secure web portal that facilitates instant document transfers. With one click from the menu bar, documents can be sent to customers and partners. It is a simple integration service that allows users to upload or download files and folders to a SecureDrawer account from within eFileCabinet. It saves on paper, postage, faxes, and driving. There are no limitations on email attachments.
  • eFileCabinet efficiently and automatically synchronizes files between local computer(s) and eFileCabinet Online.
  • Secure Cloud Document Management comes with subscription pricing and is the equivalent of the on-premise eFileCabinet Desktop solution, but it is a Cloud solution.
  • eFileCabinet data centers are Level 1 PCI compliant. They have also obtained ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and HIPAA certifications. They use staff, intrusion detection systems, and video surveillance to ensure data is safe at all times. For maximum security, all transmitting data is encrypted.
  • eFileCabinet Desktop facilitates simple scanning, drag and drop storage of new and existing digital documents, and the use of templates.


The program is intuitive, users are allowed a lot of storage space, and there is powerful previewer:

  • There is systematic file versioning and document level indexing.
  • An OCR engine facilitates fast and accurate document retrieval.


Compliance and Regulatory Tools

  • eFileCabinet Online provides simple compliance adherence tools. With mobile access requirements, it becomes more critical to have simple features that help meet regulatory needs. For this, document retention, audit-tracking, role-based security, and regulatory compliance modules are standard with an eFileCabinet Online subscription.
  • Multiple data centers in different regions ensure data availability and integrity. eFileCabinet Online is available as free Android and iOS mobile apps.  eSignature Integration enables users to sign on a computer, tablet, or smartphone while providing legally binding digital signatures with bank-level security.
  • eFileCabinet uses role-based user permissions: You can create customized roles for user permissions.
  • Share, send, and access files and documents 24/7. With a simple user interface, send secure webmail and multimedia files with tracking notification and a custom brand. Individual files of up to 1GB can be sent.
  • eFileCabinet offers integration with all your important files. Your documents are kept safe by SSL/TLS technology and a 256-bit AES standard encryption.

With successful integration into Salesforce, Outlook, and Sage, eFileCabinet is no stranger to delivering sophisticated document management services for highly professional clients. They have a team of experts who are available to help 24/7 all year round.