This tutorial is an introduction on how use eFileCabinet for a beginner.

Categories covered by this video include:

How to access eFileCabinet- There are two methods, through a browser and the desktop icon. We recommend the desktop icon except if you are away from your normal computer.

Getting started tab features- This tab show how to create users, cabinets, drawers, apply templates, etc.

Help tab features- A repository of all training videos, documents, and forums we’ve published to date.

Cabinets Tab- Lists all current cabinets in the database, your previous saved searches, and workflow.

Creating Users- Two kinds, standard and system administrator.

Creating Groups- Groups can be named whatever you want, and edited at any times.

Creating Cabinets- Involves setting permissions, group access, edit rights, retention, templates, etc.

Adding Drawers to Cabinets-
Required fields are name, company name, federal ID and customer #. This is one place where templates can be added to save time.

Manage Templates- Here you can view and customize templates, template sub-folders, and template libraries.

eFileCabinet’s DMS software has helped hundreds of thousands of users organize and manage their documents, forms, and records for a smarter and more efficient business. We love offering web tutorials and continuing support to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied and their goals are achieved.