What Exactly is an Online Filing System?


Filing your documents online is one of the best ways for you to store all your most important information in a totally secure and paperless environment. The basic layout of online, electronic filing systems are the same as physical filing cabinets, but instead of opening a drawer containing paper documents, *click*, and you have access to all your files right on your computer screen, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


That’s the power of an online filing system.


 Online Filing Systems Have the Advantages of:


  • Saving Space — Office space can be very expensive, and filing it with paper files, documents, and folders is not the most profitable use for it. Storing files digitally can allow you to access an entire room’s worth of records with just a computer, taking up minimal space.
  • Saving Time — No more getting up, going to the file cabinet, looking through the drawers, or hunting around for misplaced documents.
  • Saving Money — By increasing efficiency in paper document management, work time and office space are saved, decreasing expenses and increasing profits.


With online document filing, you can create as many cabinets, drawers, digital file folders, and sub-folders as you need without taking up a single square foot of expensive office space. Whether you’re using our desktop product, backed up with CloudView, or our online version, the interfaces look much the same and navigation is simple. Files are easily accessible within their folders, and consistency is enhanced by having everything saved in one online, central, paperless location.


Rubex by eFileCabinet 


eFileCabinet’s online, cloud-based electronic filing system is called Rubex, and allows you to store any type of file, even very large ones, in a digital environment. It’s perfect for those who are frequently on the move, with business trips, client meetings, or any kind of travel. You can access Rubex by eFileCabinet either through an internet browser, or the eFileCabinet mobile app. (Different from our other product, eFileCabinet Desktop)


Once inside Rubex, you can access, update, and upload files and documents from virtually any location. With your files in the cloud, you benefit from not needing to host your own servers, maintain your own data centers, or establish your own network, we’ll take care of all that for you, and your files are always available.


At eFileCabinet, we work hard to make sure that data stored with us is treated confidentially and securely. All data that is saved and backed up on our servers and other communications are protected with 256-bit encryption (which is safer than what many banking websites use).




Benefits of Rubex by eFileCabinet 


Rubex gives you the flexibility, mobility, and security to confidently access your files safely and securely from any location. Having an online filing system helps users save money, time, and space, keeps files better organized, and helps increase efficiency and bottom line profits.


eFileCabinet Mobile


Rubex by eFileCabinet is also available for mobile devices through our mobile apps. The eFileCabinet mobile app working with secure file-sharing, our client portal, effectively gives you everything you need in a document management system right in your pocket, allowing access to upload, download any document or file to eFileCabinet instantly. With the eFileCabinet mobile app, you have full access to your cabinets, drawers, files, and documents. The only requirement is having a browser capable device and an internet connection. 


CloudView for eFileCabinet Desktop


CloudView is a feature that enables users of the on-premise desktop version of eFileCabinet 2015 to share in the benefits of online filing. CloudView brings backups, online storage, and mobile accessibility to the desktop, greatly enhancing its utility and flexibility. Previously, the desktop version could only be accessed from the computer that had eFileCabinet installed on it. With CloudView though, users can still have the peace of mind knowing that all their documents and files are stored within their network, but also have them backed up online with eFileCabinet’s secure servers. One of the most exciting features of CloudView is that it allows online access to documents. Once a file or document is backed up, you can access it via an internet browser with the same mobility as eFileCabinet Online. CloudView rolls all the best features of eFileCabinet products into one platform, eliminating all the previous minor disadvantages of eFileCabinet Desktop. 


Secure File-Sharing


To have a safe and secure way to share documents saved in your online filing system with your customers, coworkers, and colleagues, use Rubex by eFileCabinet. It has a client portal and uses the same security and encryption as other eFileCabinet products. You can send secure webmail, pictures, PDF’s, Word documents, even movies. Rubex is capable of sending files much more securely than email, but also allow much larger file sizes (about 100 times!).


Other Benefits of Mobile Filing Cabinets


With using eFileCabinet Online, mobile apps, and SecureDrawer, you can keep any file or document in its native format, regardless of size, and send it far more securely, knowing that privacy and confidentiality are being protected. SecureDrawer also reduces the cost of mailing documents. Occasionally, emergencies arise when a client or customer needs a document immediately. Instead of rushing to the post office and paying premium prices for next day delivery, with eFileCabinet products you can have instant delivery at no additional cost. There is also no risk in documents getting lost, and you are able to see the audit log history that proves where and when a document was shared or edited. At eFileCabinet, we’re committed to saving our clients time, space, and money, while increasing service quality and security measures. We’re in the business of helping businesses run smarter and more efficiently. To see how an electronic filing system and better document management can benefit your business, fill out the form on this page for a free demo.