Online File-Sharing refers to distributing or providing access to electronically stored information, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, video, etc.), documents, or electronic books.

Business File-Sharing is becoming more and more important in everyday business dealings. Online file-sharing with SecureDrawer allows companies to securely share files with clients and other employees within their organization. The files are stored in a “drawer” so users can view or download the files that are too large or sensitive to send via email.
SecureDrawer online file-sharing provides:

  • 24/7 access to files
  • Encryption
  • Ability to send large files securely
  • Elimination of costs associated with mailings
  • Ability to track all files and document changes
  • Access for multiple users from multiple locations

SecureDrawer is fast, secure, and affordable. Call 877-574-5505 to see how easy it is to integrate SecureDrawer with your eFileCabinet account. For more information click here.