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The Oil & Gas Industry is one of the most complex industries around. Yet, many companies waste their valuable resources managing paperwork without a oil and gas document management system. Failing to track and quickly retrieve critical documents and records will result in wasted time, inefficient processes, and unnecessary costs. Whether prepping a new oilfield, recovering resources, building refineries, or designing a pipeline, make sure your time and money is spent on growing your business and not on document management! Use eFileCabinet, the trusted document management solution for hundreds of gas and oil companies nationwide.

Rubex by eFileCabinet for Oil, Gas, and Energy Businesses

Spent Time Managing Profitable Resources—Not Paper

In your line of business, you have more profitable tasks to complete than filing, sorting, storing, and retrieving paperwork.  Instead, spend your time drilling, recovering, refining, and distributing your money-making resources — gas and oil, not paper!

Build Your Oil or Gas Business
Allow Access to Data from Remote Locations

Reduce Operating Costs

Comply with All Relevant Regulations
Recover Data From Potential Disasters

Improve Communication Company-wide


Centralize Your Business’s Data


Eliminate Paper Records

Streamline Business and Operational Processes
Serve Your Clientele/Stakeholders
Regain Workspace
Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Share Information Across Departments & Maintain Compliance

Mitigate Risk
Increase Employee Productivity
Earn Money

Is Paperwork Keeping Your company from Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine?

Many oil and gas companies have rooms and even warehouses full of paper records and business documents that are expensive to store and even more difficult to find. Failing to track and quickly retrieve critical documents like: land-lease agreements, invoices, maintenance records, land files, well files, pipeline records, offshore assets, inspection records, and more will result in wasted time, inefficient processes, and unnecessary costs.

Rubex by eFileCabinet is your solution!

Let eFileCabinet’s oil and gas document management system help you be more competitive and fuel your business as you manage the documents you need to succeed.

We started storing electronic information on our finance software and realized this was just a fraction of the information we needed to store for our individual customers. Since all of our staff didn’t have access to the finance software, we wanted a way that all staff could retrieve customer information (whether it was billing, permits, maps, or other) from either the office environment or out in the field. The main reason we went with eFileCabinet was because it was inexpensive and when we started this process we were not sure really of how we were going to implement the process. Cost was a big factor as we have a board-approved budget. The low cost made it easier for us to just ‘do it’ as it was of no significant impact to our budget and required little justification for the cost. The benefits way outweighed the cost of the product. One benefit is that now our staff can access accounts payable and utility billing customer information from the office or from out in the field, and they don’t have to take up finance or front office staff time looking for information. Staff can print copies of information without worrying about misfiling when it is put away or losing the information. In addition, our filing time has decreased as we are now scanning documents and not filing the hard copies. We are unsure at this point if we are saving on labor at this time as we have hired a part-time person to help us catch up on scanning historical information to customer files. I imagine we have saved money on copying fees and paper as we are not generating as many paper copies. We have not been able to substantiate any costs, but the accessibility and the benefits of more accurate record retention make it worth it for us.

Christine Morris

Operational excellence is pivotal to your long-term success!

Don’t let paperwork bog you down—make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly oil and gas document management software available.

You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

There’s never been a better time to use the best oil and gas document management system software on the market. Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-Cloud solution, Rubex by eFileCabinet will help make your company’s operations more efficient!

Having a document management system is a great way to keep personnel files, payroll data, OSHA 300, I-9’s and anything else you can possibility think of to scan. It is so nice to have a personnel file at your fingertips at your desk. It is easy to email information to managers or legal inquiries. We don’t have to have multiple file cabinets to store files. We save money by not having to purchase more cabinets and having a place to put the cabinets. There are fewer misfiled documents. Multiple people can look at the same file if necessary. There is not a year-end purge to store terminated employee files away in some warehouse. Files are secured.

Sherry Lightfield

Gulfeagle Supply

Despite the steadiness of its existence, the oil and gas industry remains one of the most complex industries in the global economy, and unstructured information does not make it any easier. Procuring requested paper records in a timely manner remains a challenge for oil and gas professionals not using document and content management systems for the enterprise, and AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management) demonstrates why:

Without these enterprise-grade content management systems (like document management software) in place in the oil and gas industry, the integrity and accessibility of electronic documents (let alone paper documents) are reduced by as much as 300%.

Additionally, the oil and gas industry has demonstrated savvy in managing every one of its resources fairly efficiently, with the exception of resources belonging to the human variety. The records management process, as it pertains to human resources, is becoming a subject of interest to regulators.

For instance, records and archiving training analyses found that only 4% of employees followed document classification guidelines, citing a lack of time for administrative tasks as the primary reason for not following the procedure.

Part of this records management negligence in the industry has likely come from oil and gas companies’ efforts to reduce paper clutter. Although undertaken in good faith, the transferring of paper documents into electronic form makes record management responsibilities less transparent within the organization, because although paper is inefficient for a variety of reasons, digitized documents can be stored in myriad places, redefining an oil company’s information structure without employees understanding how this drastically changes records management.

Oil and gas document management software is a solution to this issue, because it classifies, stores, and unifies an organization’s information in its entirety—something that neither digital storage alone nor shared drives can accomplish.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

This industry journey only scratches the surface of what Rubex by eFileCabinet can do. Document management software can do incredible things for your business, not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Features like secure file-sharing, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centerpiece for any business of any size, in any industry.

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