Every year the luck of the Irish spreads far and wide in celebration of St. Patrick’s day, and after a long winter, people are ready for a little fun.

Don’t leave all the mischief and excitement to the leprechauns and class parties for school kids- bring the fun right to the office! Here are nine ways to have fun at the office on St. Patrick’s day.


1. Start the day off with green smoothies!

Green smoothies are not only on-brand for the holiday, but a healthy and delicious way to kick off the day with energy. Try one of these recipes.


2. Crank up some tunes to get in the spirit

Find an Irish music playlist to celebrate the day, or even create your own! If you want some inspiration, start with this playlist full of St. Patrick’s day favorites, this playlist with classic Irish music, or this playlist full of Celtic and Irish treasures.


3. Get mischievous like a leprechaun

Bring out the kid inside and enjoy pulling (office-appropriate) pranks, leaving gold coins around, and using a green pen all day.


4. Dress up the office

Hang rainbow paper chains and dollar-store décor around cubicles and offices to set the mood. Green and gold balloons? Yes, please.


5. The wearing of the green

(Just like the old Irish ballad, but happy!) Invite everyone in the office to wear green and even host a best-dressed contest for the most clever or festive outfit.


6. Spread good luck

Let your coworkers know you feel “lucky” to have them by leaving a St. Patrick’s day themed note or treat on their desk. You could also deliver treats to other departments in the office or other companies in your area (gotta get that good PR, right?)


7. Bring in ALL the sugar

Everyone loves treats, right? An easy, inexpensive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day around the office is to bring in some themed treats, like skittles (taste the rainbow!), chocolate gold coins, or visit a local bakery and pick up some green-frosted cookies.


8. Team-building Activities

Time spent building your team relationships is time well spent. Consider making Irish painted rocks (Sham-Rocks), making a photo booth with dollar store items or paper St. Patrick’s day props, or hosting an office scavenger hunt.


9. End the day with a quick happy hour.

Enjoy soda bread with some classic Irish drinks, and make green punch everyone can enjoy using green sherbet and club soda or 7-up. Bottoms up!