The recent Zonal OCR update brings businesses and organizations even closer to full office automation, especially for accounting and tax professionals.

This already expedient virtual office assistant provides you with newfound functionality and speed, helping organizations better tend to customers and their own needs as a business simultaneously.

If you’re managing often used or scanned forms, Zonal OCR already enables you to automatically route the file where it needs to go within eFileCabinet: your secure, centralized repository for all your office information.

Still letting you scan and view specific portions of documents for faster file search and retrieval, Zonal OCR adds metadata (data about data) from scanned documents such as names, invoice numbers, dates, and creator as preselected by its users, preventing information chaos in the document management system deployment and usage process.

Zonal OCR allows users to make certain metadata mandatory by checking what is required in a document or piece of content (or all documents uploaded), such as a name, phone number, etc. Without this functionality, each time someone uploads content or files to a document management system, the stored information runs a high risk of receiving arbitrary classification (and therefore unfindable for other users).

Given that 90% of the world’s data was created within the last 2 years, organizations need this feature to ensure office automation and keep their content findable and usable within their systems.

The New Zonal OCR Features: Perfecting Office Automation

Functioning with a new look and responsive feel, the interface has expanded upon its already great usability.

Single Form Mode

Allows you to select one template when you process files, and provides you with 2 options: 1) Single Document Mode 2) Split Document Mode

Single Document Mode

This feature lets Zonal OCR identify that a page matches the selected template, pulls that information, and saves it and all its other accompanying pages into a single document within eFileCabinet. This means that when searching for the file, one only has to search the first page of the document to find it, making file retrieval even faster.

Split Document Mode

If you are printing more than 1 form, this feature is extremely useful. 2 forms would separate the document into pre-specified (templated) individual parts (pages 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 of a 15-page document, for instance) and when it recognizes that a page coincides with selected template, it begins a new file and continues to process the pages.

Print to Zonal OCR: As Good As Office Automation Gets

At eFileCabinet, we believe tax documents don’t have to be taxing, and that’s why we have our Print to Zonal OCR feature, which lets you print, route, and securely store tax return documents with a single mouse click—creating the efficiency that wins you more billable hours, impressed clients, and cashflow. Print to Zonal OCR lets you:

  1. Print to a specified printer and automatically have file(s) stored within eFileCabinet.
  2. Automatically save a digital copy of tax returns through Zonal OCR’s digital output.
  3. Once Zonal identifies the tax document, it will automatically route, store, and name the tax return in a folder with auto-populated relevant customer information.
  4. Finally, Zonal OCR automatically prints the document, letting you tend to customers who want to receive paper records as requested.

eFileCabinet is excited about these additions to the Zonal OCR add on, knowing they will increase office automation for businesses that use it. Perfect for managing often used or scanned forms, Zonal OCR is your virtual office assistant. Are you ready to store, retrieve, and classify documents with ease?