Office Automation Software Comparison: A Duel Between eFileCabinet and Square 9

When it comes to office automation software, eFileCabinet is the vendor that not only solves the most common office problems, but is also easiest to use. Our headquarters in Lehi, Utah, is proof: All of our employees have eFileCabinet Online accounts, and this has been as fruitful for our own efforts as it has been for the efforts of those to whom we sell our software.

Check out the list of features below to see which office automation software is best for you, and learn through this comparison which of these two vendors can solve your office problems best. If there is one downfall in Square 9, it’s the lack of integration capacity that it has in comparison to eFileCabinet.


SIMPLE MAC & WINDOWS COMPATIBILITY (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

This one is plain and simple: There’s a greater number of delivery models with the eFileCabinet product, and therefore a higher degree of potentiation available to offices.


SCANNING SUPPORT (eFIleCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Given that capture and imaging is so important to going paperless, it’s necessary to work with a vendor who can support your scanning efforts. Although both office automation software vendors have scanning support in this comparison, the Zonal OCR add on, which is discussed below, makes the paperless process far easier and therefore makes eFileCabinet’s scanning support superior to Square 9’s.


ENCRYPTION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Encryption in information transit and at rest is necessary for those working in the financial services, insurance, accounting, and healthcare industries – clients and customers of these industries are more reticent about handing their data to professionals than ever, and keeping it safe through a web portal like eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer is necessary. Square 9 does offer encryption, but the size and number of files you can share is sometimes made difficult through their offering.


CSV IMPORTING (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

A helpful tool for excel spreadsheets and flipping data back and forth, both vendors have this feature in this office automation software comparison.


CLOUD/MOBILE INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Both these vendors offer a cloud and mobile integration option, letting you work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. However, eFileCabinet’s is ranked best in the business by Business News Daily, whereas Square 9’s is yet to receive such an award.


FULL TEXT SEARCH (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

This is an extremely important functionality for searching within selected documents for the information workers need—particularly if they are knowledge workers (workers paid exclusively for their understanding of phenomenon rather than processes). Both vendors in this office automation software comparison have this functionality.


DOCUMENT VIEWER (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

A simple previewer for looking at documents within a document management system. Both vendors have this.


AUTO SYNC BETWEEN LOCAL AND CLOUD FILES (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

A true time saver when moving entire business functions and their documents to the cloud through office automation software.


ENTERPRISE ACCESS (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

This is a key feature Square 9 lacks in this office automation software comparison. Enterprise Access by eFileCabinet is, essentially, a satellite and remote access add on that allows larger businesses to manage multiple branches during audits and when surveilling information. It’s great for oversight among multiple offices.


WORKFLOW PROCESS/ROUTING (eFileCabinet yes Square 9 yes)

Although by our own admission the workflow of our software is a work in progress, both Square 9 and eFileCabinet have this feature, and Square 9’s edges eFileCabinet’s at the moment. However, if you do not wish to overhaul existing processes once you go paperless, the workflow function may not be that imperative to your paperless business continuity.


SEC, HIPAA REGULATORY COMPLIANCE (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

eFileCabinet is a superior compliance tool, particularly for those in need of meeting HIPAA privacy and security standards. Through eFileCabinet, all four of HIPAA’s technical safeguards are met through very specific and easy-to-use features. SEC compliance is murkier territory, but eFileCabinet still facilitates it.


CRM (SALESFORCE) INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Salesforce is a key component of organization for any business selling a product or service. Both these vendors have this in this office automation software comparison.


QUICKBOOKS INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

A great integration for accounting professionals. However, eFileCabinet’s is more comprehensive and responsive.


CASELLE INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

A great integration for any office automation software, yet Square 9 does not utilize it.


SIMPLIFILE (E-RECORDING) INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

E recording helps document information in a different format for legal purposes, which can prove beneficial for offices in government.


SAGE INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

Yet another integration eFileCabinet has that Square 9 doesn’t.


MICROSOFT OFFICE INTEGRATION (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Microsoft Office is a staple of any office work in the 21st century, good thing both of these vendors have it in their arsenal, although eFileCabinet’s is more granular and embedded into the office automation software in this comparison.



If you want to increase sales through an add-on technology in your office automation software, this eFileCabinet infographic demonstrates how you can do it with our RightSignature integration.



Again, SecureDrawer accomplishes this on eFileCabinet’s end.


ROLE BASED USER MANAGEMENT (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

This is a crucial compliance tool, and the more granular its capacity, the better. Admittedly, both vendors in this office automation software comparison have great role based user permissions.


AUTOMATIC BACKUP (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Recurring, 24-hour data backup is another imperative to ensure both business continuity and the downright security of your information.


AUDIT TRAIL TRACKING (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

Another important feature of compliance for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), both have this in this office automation software comparison. This also helps with external audits, letting external auditors see everything they’d want to find within the system.


FILE VERSIONING (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

This is a huge time saver that Square 9 lacks. Instead of running the risk of naming the same document with two different names and therefore unnecessarily duplicating files, this feature lets you upload a different version of the same document, ensuring you don’t add unnecessary clutter to your storage space.



Automatically delete files whenever you want to and decrease clutter.


EMBEDDED ADJUSTABLE ZONAL OCR (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 yes)

This is arguably the best time saving tool you’ll find in this office automation software comparison, as it makes going and staying paperless easier than ever. Both vendors have it, but eFileCabinet’s has a broad new set of features that make it superior to Square 9’s.



Templates make it easy to replicate an existing structure elsewhere within the office automation software, saving a drastic amount of time. This is yet another great feature eFileCabinet has that Square 9 doesn’t.


INSTANT ACCESS ICON (eFileCabinet yes, Square 9 no)

This bridges the gap between office automation software and the devices on which they operate. The eFileCabinet SideKick does this, preventing you from having to toggle back and forth between programs.