OCR Scanning and Text Recognition Makes Business Documents Usable

Optical Character Recognition Scanning and Text Recognition

Where’s That Document Again?

Have you ever walked into a room full of documents and wished you could CTRL “F” (find function on your computer) your way to a specific document? We live in a world where you can find out the weather across the planet from your watch, so naturally it’s daunting to spend hours looking through papers or PDFs to find the one you need. There has to be an easier way!
OCR and Text Recognition Software Make Documents Useful

Text Recognizable PDFs Using OCR

Traditional PDF’s lack functionality because we are prevented from turning it into something we can search for, edit and store on our phones, tablets, laptops or cloud storage for future reference and use.  Even if a PDF is sent via email or scanned in, the same rules apply. The only way to change a PDF, PNG or JPG document through traditional scanning would be to print the page, edit by hand and re-scan. This is proven to be a waste of valuable time and resources.

Optical Character Recognition Makes Documents Searchable

This is where OCR comes in. OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the process of seamlessly converting a PDF document into a file that can be edited, altered and saved for later. OCR does not recognize the data as a photo but instead as a text document allowing the editing capabilities to be endless. A PDF file is one the most trusted file programs in the business world. The ability to alter a PDF is revolutionary and powerful. The time that OCR will save in preparation for meetings, contracts and day to day business is invaluable. Precious resources such as paper will no longer be wasted due to the ability to electronically edit via OCR.

OCR Technology is Dynamic

OCR is designed to read a multitude of fonts making it extremely easy to recognize hand written notes. OCR carries a vast knowledge of fonts and reads the curvature of the characters. It comes equipped with a tool that allows the user to create a formula to ensure the correct letters are being represented. For instance if two lines intersecting creates the letter T, a prompt can be set up to verify that what was read is actually identified as the letter T. This kind of technology makes keeping up with important PDF documents such as receipts, checks, and contracts an absolute breeze. The added bonus is that the data is available through search by the click of a mouse using keywords.

Document Scanning Using OCR for Text Recognition

OCR Scanning and Document Management

At eFileCabinet, we help companies and organizations ranging from accountants to auto dealerships to universities and special districts manage their critical documents by scanning physical papers and creating efficient paperless document management systems
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