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Smart businesses owners know when it’s time to get a document management system (DMS). Usually, it’s the moment that the slow-down and damage of data disorganization begin to outweigh the cost of implementing a DMS solution. And it’s not just the monetary cost, but time and logistics that come with adopting new technology. Business owners, especially small business owners, may see the benefits of implementing a DMS sooner rather than later, but have serious fears about onboarding—and that may keep them from making the right decision sooner.

I’m here to address those concerns.

When you decide to adopt eFileCabinet to handle organize, automate, and execute on all of your content, eFileCabinet becomes your partner. Your success is our success, because eFileCabinet was purpose-built to help business owners see growth immediately. It’s time to overcome those excuses and start seeing the opportunities.


“I’m nervous that eFileCabinet won’t integrate with the software I’m already using.”

Our team of talented engineers and development experts have made sure to keep integration at the forefront of our technology. eFileCabinet was designed with integration in mind, and instead of replacing the software you’re using now, elevates it, and can make the process of moving files between popular office products even smoother. Out-of-the-box integration comes for popular business software like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and common electronic signature software. And, if eFileCabinet could integrate better, contact our customer success team any time and we can build new integrations from scratch.


“I’m worried that I don’t have time to retrain myself and my employees on new technology.”

When you decide to adopt eFileCabinet for your business, you also get the training that comes with it. With ongoing improvements and new functionality rolled out all the time, we always offer ongoing training for our customers to keep them up to date with our technology. Contact us any time for additional help, tips, or training, and keep your business and your people running at their most efficient.


“I’m scared that I have way too much data to migrate, and even if I could, it would take forever to organize.”

We wouldn’t be the leader in document management if we weren’t good at taking scattered digital data from multiple channels and disorganized piles of paper and transforming it into one simple, organized online solution. No matter where your content is stored, whether it’s on office computer hard drives, or tucked away is overstuffed filing cabinets, we can get your data back in order. Using templates and Zonal OCR, document scanning is done effortlessly. With eFileCabinet documents are recognized and stored intelligently with dynamically built filing structure, tagging, and proper naming conventions—all automatically.


“I’m concerned that it’s a waste if I can’t figure out how to most effectively utilize a DMS.”

Always feel confident that when you’re with eFileCabinet we’re your partner. When don’t just help you adopt a new DMS, we also custom-tailor it for your needs. Our customer success team is ready, by email, chat, or phone, to make sure that eFileCabinet starts solving your problems as fast as possible. We can help you build scanning templates to better recognize and tag documents, create unique filing structure that fits best for your business, and maximize your organizational efficiency. Contact us, any time, and we’ll make sure that you always get the most out of eFileCabinet.


The best-of-breed document management solution (DMS), eFileCabinet accommodates your paper documents and digital data through automatic organization, approvals, and sharing—all from one dashboard. Effortless onboarding and integration with popular business software means you hit the ground running. Feel secure knowing you’re compliant and covered, with all of your data just a click away. No matter where you are, what your business demands, or the speed you scale—eFileCabinet has your back.

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of document management software (DMS) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. With more than 15 years in the document management industry, eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for nearly 200,000 users worldwide to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential data.

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