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Over 500 NYL Agents Have Made the Switch to eFileCabinet.

Maybe You Should Take A Look.

eFileCabinet is currently helping over 500 of your fellow New York Life agents store, search, and share documents. This award-winning document management system (DMS) is designed to make your life easier by helping you become more efficient and organized than ever before.

Approved for Agent Use by New York Life

Kurt Rohrssen, Corporate Vice President of New York Life, fully approves eFileCabinet for its organized and easy-to-use design. If you want to talk to someone about eFileCabinet, you can contact Kurt himself at 212-576-8934 or email him at Or you can speak to one of the many other New York Life agents that use eFileCabinet and ask them why they chose eFileCabinet.

Over 500 New York Life agents can’t be wrong!

Here’s why so many of your fellow agents chose eFileCabinet.

Free Mobile Access

When you sign up for eFileCabinet online, you can download the Mobile App for free, and access and store documents from anywhere on your mobile device.

SEC/FINRA Compliant

Compliant: eFileCabinet uses top-of-the-line data encryption and security features that can help you be compliant with SEC and FINRA regulations.

Features That Make Your Life Easier

You’ve got a lot on your plate; you don’t need to spend your valuable time digging through filing cabinets or searching for paper documents. eFileCabinet is equipped with award-winning features that are designed to save you time and make your life easier.

  • Full-Text OCR: eFileCabinet can apply optical character recognition (OCR) to every file you scan. Then, when you search for a word, you can find any document containing that word.
  • Zonal OCR: In addition to applying OCR to your full documents, you can create templates to train eFileCabinet to recognize forms, pull data from the pages, and file the document appropriately.
  • Audit Log: You’ll never have to wonder who made changes to your documents again. With eFileCabinet’s audit log, you can see every user who accessed the document and the changes they made.

With the time you’ll save using eFileCabinet, you can focus your attention on providing exceptional service for all of your clients. Give us a call to learn more about this software’s remarkable features.

What is document management software?

Special Pricing for NYL Agents

We are happy to offer all New York Life agents a special discounted rate on eFileCabinet’s products.

Take advantage of this special offer for New York Life agents by signing up for a personalized demonstration to see for yourself how eFileCabinet can help you.

Price per user:

$420 billed annually

Regular Price: $65/month

Special New York Life Package Includes:

  • 500 GB of Data Storage Per Account
  • Advanced Role-Based Security
  • Document Retention
  • Full Text Search (OCR)
  • File Versioning
  • Workflow

Add additional products and services for a customized experience!

Setup and training: Data Conversion:

Starting at $200

60 minute training specific to NYL Agents. Required.

Call for personalized pricing.

  • Access Anywhere (SAAS)
  • Automatically Applied Updates
  • File Encryption
  • Audit Log
  • Library Services
  • Drag & Drop
  • SEC/FINRA Compliance Design

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