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As a leader in document management, workflow automation, and secure file-sharing, eFileCabinet has been helping firms in the insurance and finance industries increase profitability and growth by revolutionizing their outdated processes.

eFileCabinet has had a strong and engaging relationship with New York Life since 2013. With each customer, we ensure they are given the tools to succeed and have the best user experience. The quality of the UX is tied to the ease-of-use of sharing, viewing, versioning, and integrating with Salesforce. This, combined with a full adherence to compliance and security measures, is what drives our adoption and usage. See how document management software (DMS) can revolutionize the office.

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Easiest to Use

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Features That Matter

New York Life agents don’t need to spend valuable time digging through filing cabinets or searching for paper documents.

Full-Text OCR

eFileCabinet can apply optical character recognition (OCR) to every file you upload. Create templates to train eFileCabinet to recognize forms, pull data from the pages, and file the document automatically. When you search for a word, you can find any document containing that word.

Audit Log

Never wonder who made changes to certain documents again. With the audit log, you can see every user who accessed the document and the changes they made. 

Auditor Access

Give guest access to auditors, so they can get to work reviewing records right away. Customize their permissions, so they only get access to relevant data.

Strong Security Tools

Bank-level encryption protects all data transferred to and from the system. Customize the office’s system’s security by setting password complexity, two-factor authentication, and IP address whitelist.


Secure and compliant digital signatures. Instantly send contracts and other forms directly from the system to signers. It makes collecting signatures easier and creates an audit trail for each document signed.


Salesforce Integration

Customers can easily view files and drawers that are stored in Rubex without leaving Salesforce. Vise-versa, Salesforce will now have its own drawer in Rubex contacts. All uploads and changes to existing documents will occur within both applications simultaneously.

Comparison Example

DMS FeaturesBox Business PluseFileCabinet
Single file upload limit5GB10GB
Enterprise app integrations3Unlimited
Version history50Unlimited
Minimum users31
Maximum usersUnlimitedUnlimited
External collaboratorsUnlimitedUnlimited
Granular sharing permissions & access controls
Standard integrations (Office 365, GSuite)
Desktop access
Mobile access
SSL & at-rest encryption
Two-factor authentication
Standard business support
User management
Data loss protection
Advanced user & security reporting
Active directory & SSO (Single Sign-On) integration
Custom Branding
Mobile security controls
Advanced admin & controls
Full content visibility & management
Full user activity tracking
Admin role delegation
Metadata & custom templates
Custom terms of service
Optional: Box Governance, Box Relay, Box KeySafe, Box Zones
Relay Lite
Unlimited integrations, including DLP & eDiscovery
Device trust (advanced mobile requirements)
Password policy enforcement
Document watermarking
API calls per month500010,000

eFileCabinet’s Additional Features


Email Import Integration


Premium Support


Hero Program


eSignature Integration/ Docusign/ Right Signature


eFC Signature/ KBA/ OTP


Zonal OCR


Business Intelligence/ eFCR


Missing Item Search


Dual Screen Previewer


Access Links




Instant Sign-in


File Request


Email File


Item Status


Full-Text Search/ OCR


Custom Annotation

Head to Head Comparison from Real Users

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Special NYL Pricing

Starting at




0-5k users5-10k usersmore than 10k users
Starting at




0-5k users5-10k usersmore than 10k users
Secure File Sharing
Guest users may send or receive files
within Rubex. Uses 256-bit AES and SSL to transfer files.
eSignature Integration
Send a document directly to an eSignature platform.
Unlimited Guest Users
File Versioning
The system keeps a history of a document’s
versions and allows you to revert to older
File Request
Request files from guest users. Requested files are routed to a specified location after uploaded.
Mobile App
Email File
Item Status
Attach automatic actions tied to dates to files or folders. Actions include move, copy, begin workflow, and more. Files can also be locked from editing or deletion until the designated date.
Custom Templates
Create folder templates to reuse common folder structures and documents, including security and compliance settings.
Checking out ensures only one person can edit a document at
a time. Document cannot be downloaded or altered until it is checked in.
Online Previewer
View documents of nearly any format in the
preview pane. Add comments,
annotations, redactions, stamps, or signatures.
Full-Text Search/OCR
Optical character recognition (OCR) allows you to search your system for documents using
any text contained in the file.
Create profiles for drawers, folders, common forms. Use for quick access, reference, workflow. Profiles may be filled automatically with Zonal OCR.
Audit Logging
System records complete history, including access and usage, dates and actions. Downloadable reports.
Enterprise Security
Add multiple custom security policies. Policies may include password complexity requirements, specific login times, and IP address whitelisting. Policies can be applied to users or groups.
Two-Factor Authentication
Can be enabled to require both the
standard username/password combination
and secondary authentication method.
Features mobile
authenticators and email token authentication
SSL At-Rest Encryption
Connection to Rubex through web browser is protected with SSL encryption. Files
stored in the cloud are encrypted.
Custom Branding
Customize your interface with company branding, including color and logo. Embed Rubex login on your website.
eFC Signature

  • Bundle of 100 @ $3.00

  • Bundle of 250 @ $2.75

  • Bundle of 500 @ $2.50

  • Bundle of 1000 @ $2.35

  • Bundle of 5000 @ $2.00

  • Bundle of 100 @ $2.00

  • Bundle of 250 @ $1.75

  • Bundle of 500 @ $1.50

  • Bundle of 1000 @ $1.35

  • Bundle of 5000 @ $1.10

API Integration Access
Open application programming interface (API)
to integrate with third-party applications.
Software development kit (SDK) provided.
Access Links
Personal Providers
Integrate Rubex with Google Drive and/or Microsoft OneDrive. View documents in your online file storage and copy directly into Rubex.
Salesforce Integration
Instant Sign-on
Custom Annotation

Add-on ($10/user)

Premium Support

1.5X Standard Maintenance

Customize workflows to automate documents through redundant processes, based on approvals, rejections and other variables.

Add-on ($15/user)

Zonal OCR
Optical character recognition (OCR) technology
records text from specified fields creating a document profile. The
document can be routed, based on profile
data, to a specified location in the system. Works with scanned physical documents
or uploaded digital files.

Add-on ($15/user)

Hero Program

20% annual license cost

Guest User/Preview Search
Email Import Integration
Dual Screen Previewer
Missing Item Search
eFC-Report is a fully integrated business intelligence and ad-hoc reporting engine. When combined with eFC’s profile and OCR tools, eFCR strengthens your internal controls and information analysis, allowing the system to deliver high-quality data so you can make better decisions faster.
Auditor LicensesFree/UnlimitedFree/Unlimited
Our AI-powered insurance auditing platform enables the detection of every exception and variance in order to mitigate risk and improve the overall client experience. You no longer have to rely on a small sampling when auditing as we audit every single document and communication that flows through our system.
Storage Amount5 TBUnlimited

New York Life Agents Agree – eFileCabinet is Superior

I am very satisfied with eFileCabinet. I have all my client information displayed at my fingertips. It is user friendly and I can access my files any time and anywhere. I can call customer service and get someone knowledgeable to assist me right away. I have an accounts manager that reaches out to me regularly, which I love!

Nou Thao

NYL Licensed Agent

With eFileCabinet, it is easy to access everything. In the beginning, I was looking for my paper files and couldn’t find them. When I looked at eFileCabinet I realized that I had already filed the documents. Such a big relief. This is the most convenient way to keep all documents. It enables me to travel lighter, smarter and have access to everything. Best decision!

Michael Booker

NYL Financial Services Professional

With eFileCabinet, it is easy and convenient to keep all client files electronically that meets compliance for the insurance industry.

Jenny McAdow

NYL Financial Services Professional

eFileCabinet is great software, use it daily, love it, great customer support, highly recommend

Chad Dotson

NYL Agent

I can get my files anywhere, anytime at my fingertips. eFileCabinet Customer Service is great

Prakash Verma

NYL Licensed Agent

Case Studies From Real NYL Agents

Download the Case Study to learn how Rebecca enhanced her agency’s mobility

“It’s amazing, and it’s affordable. The cost is nothing compared to the savings.”   –Rebecca with NYL

Download the Case Study to learn how Ryan easily moved his files to eFileCabinet

“eFileCabinet is never down. I can get access to my files anywhere at any time.”   –Ryan with NYL