This fall, eFileCabinet will be rolling out an entirely new user interface. This isn’t just putting some fresh makeup on our existing product. This is a complete overhaul, making this eFileCabinet update the next generation of document management. You’ll feel like you’re using an entirely new product—one that’s faster, better, easier to use, and accessible from anywhere.

Did we mention that this new user interface includes an upgrade to HTML5? If you don’t speak tech, that means that eFileCabinet will now be compatible with the iOS platform. Anything that can launch an HTML5 browser—whether it’s your Macbook, desktop PC, Android phone, or iPad—will be able to display our new and improved interface.

With this update, you’ll be able to store, search, and share your documents more easily than ever before. The highly intuitive interface will let you get things done more quickly and efficiently, and help to keep you organized. What does that mean for you? 2016 may just be your most productive and profitable year ever.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the first look at this exciting update to the eFileCabinet suite of products! Reserve your spot at the Edge 2015 User Conference, where we will be hosting an exclusive unveiling of the new user interface.