HTML 5 Interface, Zonal OCR, and new Mobile Application Highlight  New Features of eFileCabinet Paperless Office Software

Since its inception in 2001, eFileCabinet has continuously sought ways to help paper-heavy small and medium sized businesses run smarter and more efficiently. Through 3 new updates, eFileCabinet is enhancing the user experience for more than 154,000 current users of eFileCabinet products.


HTML  5 Interface

To ensure that our products are as user-friendly and widely accessible as possible, we’ve developed an HTML5 product interface, scheduled to be unveiled in November 2015 at the Edge conference. The first exciting feature of our HTML5 update is that it will enable our products to function without the Silverlight plugin, which Google Chrome recently discontinued using. Second, our HTML5 interface was built with a responsive design, allowing our eFileCabinet online and SecureDrawer products to not only look and feel cleaner, but also to be viewed across virtually any platform. By scaling itself to fit whatever screen you’re using, now the only requirement for streamlined performance of the eFileCabinet products is having a browser capable of displaying HTML5. The third enhancement this update offers is making our scanning interface and print driver Mac compatible.


Zonal OCR

OCR (optical character recognition) is a feature offered by eFileCabinet that allows documents to be scanned, stored, and fully text-searchable. Our new Zonal OCR feature takes that great functionality and allows users to select specific fields within a document to be captured. Set to debut at the end of July, 2015, Zonal OCR technology will increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency while simultaneously streamlining and simplifying user experience. Through automatic profile routing, Zonal OCR will recognize, scan, and correctly store documents which you can then easily search through. This is fully customizable with templates that users can tweak and adapt to their specific situations. As long as the documents are recognized as falling under a specific template, Zonal OCR will scan and store with an extremely high degree of accuracy.


Mobile Application

As part of our continued effort to help our customers easily manage their documents across a wide range of locations and devices, we’ve created several updates for our recently released mobile application. The mobile app is particularly useful thanks to its versatility. Users can view recent documents, downloads, and workflow items from anywhere through a streamlined, intuitive interface. While out of the office, or visiting a client, the mobile app allows users to take a picture(s) of documents, save them as a single PDF, and upload them to eFileCabinet. Features new to the mobile app include the Favorites view, which will also be added to the eFileCabinet online later in July. From this view, everything from cabinets, drawers, folders, and files can be favorited and viewed easily. Our SecureDrawer product is also now available on the mobile application, allowing for easy and secure sharing of documents on the go.  Additionally, guest access can be granted from the mobile app if you want to share a document with another user not currently online.



  1. Can I batch load documents? – Yes, batch loads will work, so long as the recognition meets the preset accuracy standards of your template, if a document does not meet the standard you will be prompted for approval before the scan continues.
  1. Can already scanned documents also be processed with Zonal OCR? – Yes.
  1. What if I don’t want Zonal OCR to auto store my documents? Is there an override option? – Yes, you can see what is coming in and make any adjustments that you want. You can also adjust your templates to make changes to the routing rules. If you do not want to auto-store, you can disable that feature.
  1. Will Zonal OCR work with ScanSnap? –  It’s not directly compatible. However, what you can do is scan digitally as a file them upload as a file into Zonal OCR.
  1. What browsers allow Silverlight? – Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Chrome is not compatible.
  1. What is the price on Zonal OCR? – To be determined at a later date.
  1. Will Zonal OCR know what years to file tax forms for? –  Yes, provided you’ve specified that within your template.
  1. Is Zonal OCR Available on desktop and online versions? – Currently just for desktop, but we’re working on an online version right now.


Mobile App FAQs

  1. Will the mobile app be connected to the desktop version? – As part of the new 2015 desktop product, a feature called CloudView comes standard. CloudView allows you to backup documents and databases and into a CloudView account. You can use CloudView accounts with the mobile app and access your documents that way.
  1. What kind of security features are there for the mobile app? – The same as our online products. For additional security, on the mobile app you are prompted for a security PIN, and there is a timeout setting also, which is fully customizable.