eFileCabinet continues to be a strong ally to small businesses in the document management field after being named the Best Low-Cost Document Management System for 2019 by Business News Daily. The publication recently released its latest review rundown of document management software and systems for 2019 and praised eFileCabinet’s ease of use and feature set that’s offered at a competitive price.

What Makes eFileCabinet the Best?

“eFileCabinet offers a cost-effective solution that doesn’t cut corners on the most important features,” wrote Business News Daily. “Small businesses can still leverage eFileCabinet as a relatively comprehensive platform for document management without breaking the bank.”

Each year Business News Daily compiles its top picks for document management solutions, and for the past several years eFileCabinet has ranked among the top picks in industry. Last year, eFileCabinet was rated the Best Mobile Document Manager for its easy to use remote access features.   

According to Business News Daily, several factors went into its ranking methodology, including a service’s ease of use, feature set and customer service. The article mentions that eFileCabinet’s user interface is “sleek, modern and minimalist,” with a learning curve that isn’t very steep.

Robust Features

eFileCabinet was praised for its robust feature set that makes storing and searching for documents easy. Features that were highlighted included the system’s strong permissions feature that gives access to documents to the right people.



“Permissions can be assigned on both an individual and group basis, making it easy to set up general permissions, but one nice aspect of the software is that you can override these general permissions on a case-by-case basis as needed,” according to the review.

Another highlighted feature is the system’s template creation tool, which allows document templates to be created for fast and easy document generation. Zonal OCR scans in documents and utilizes custom templates to both sort them and make them easy to find in the system. The search function will be able to locate documents based on a number of filters including dates, names, invoice numbers or the document’s content.

The mobile application which earned eFileCabinet its title of Best Mobile Document Management System last year was again praised for being fast and easy to use, allowing for instant access of documents from any internet-enabled device.

World Class Customer Service

Our customer service received flying colors for being helpful and accessible through phone, email and live chat.

“We were satisfied with the customer service we received from eFileCabinet. During our initial call, we spoke to a representative who took the time to ensure we had a clear understanding of the system,” according to the review. “We discussed pricing, how the cloud-based solution is accessed, its features, how the mobile app works, the amount of included storage and the data center’s security measures.”

Tight Security

Speaking of security measures, eFileCabinet utilizes the strongest security standards and practices to ensure our client’s documents are accessible but safe. Documents are encrypted with 256-bit AES and the system allows clients to remain compliant with HIPAA, SEC, ISO and dozens of other regulatory organizations and standards.

eFileCabinet is proud of this designation as a recommended solution for small businesses that are looking for an affordable method of document management that provides a wide array of essential features and more.  

“Still, for small businesses on a budget that need the most central features of a document management system, eFileCabinet delivers a comprehensive software application that will suit most small businesses’ needs and workflows,” according to the review. “Further, the higher-priced plans provide a path for very small businesses to grow into as they scale and their budget expands, making eFileCabinet our best pick for a low-cost document management system.”

Read the full review on Business News Daily. To learn more about eFileCabinet’s affordable plans and comprehensive document management features, learn more on our site and see a free demo.