The Blueprint, a Motley Fool venture that provides business and tech expertise to sole proprietors and SMBs, recently recognized eFileCabinet as the document management software that is “Best for SMBs.” 

Nearly 700 competing document management softwares were considered for this award, but eFileCabinet earned this award due to its variety of features that specifically support SMBs.

When discussing the purpose of the award, The Blueprint’s Managing Editor Craig Borowski explained that “some software companies simply repackage and rebrand their enterprise-level software to market to the small business owner. This means SMBs unknowingly purchase software that does not fit the scale or needs of their business. That’s why we created this award; we want to recognize software solutions that are created with SMBs in mind, and we found that eFileCabinet excels at this with its reasonable rates, varied storage options, and efficient workflows.”

In the review, the Blueprint reviewing expert, Rose Wheeler, identified several features that also make eFileCabinet stand out in the document management space:

Open API (application programming interface)

allows users to connect eFileCabinet to almost any software they’re using


Zonal OCR (optical character recognition)

delivers speed and retrievability for stored document information


Audit ability

accounts for the possibility of user error and provides a complete document history to identify users that made specific changes

The Blueprint sees eFileCabinet as the ideal document management tool for small and emerging businesses, and we are pleased to be recognized with this award.

Read the full review.