Funeral directors and bereavement professionals are in the caring business. The customers and families you assist rely on you for the highest level of guidance and support. Behind the scenes, however, are a myriad of details and lots of paperwork.

Document Management & Storage

eFileCabinet’s document management software is a flexible and scalable solution to capture, manage, and protect your valuable documents, correspondence, regulatory paperwork, and much more. eFileCabinet allows small and large mortuaries, cemeteries, and funeral homes to choose from a range of advanced tools and functionality to create a system custom tailored to their needs and budget. eFileCabinet is easily integrated into existing office processes and delivers the power to get organized, increase productivity, and focus your efforts and attention on where they matter most: providing your customers the compassionate care they deserve.

Regulatory Compliance

Funeral industry practices and trade regulations are stringent and challenging. eFileCabinet electronic document management software assists you in maintaining compliance by ensuring mission-critical documents are structured and stored for quick, accurate, and efficient access and distribution.