eFileCabinet Document Management Software
for the Mortgage Industry

In the mortgage industry, you’re constantly handling different forms and documents. Your profession is one that necessitates a large amount of paperwork, but does it sometimes feel like managing your documents is getting the way of actually doing your job?

Spending the majority of your time looking for documents in old filing cabinets isn’t very effective. You should be helping people get the mortgage they need for a home, but instead you’re stuck looking for files that may not even be in the right filing cabinet to begin with.  Shouldn’t there be an easier, more effective way to manage all of your documents?

There is. eFileCabinet is the solution.

“Although I’ve only been a user for one month, I’m very happy that I can streamline my manual document management processes and, at the same time, set up a highly encrypted, specialized document retrieval system to give my clients secure access to.”

eFileCabinet mortgage agencies manage:


Proofs of debt


Property verification forms


Borrower’s affidavit


Deeds of trust


Escrow waivers


Proofs of assets


Payment information


Customer tax information


And much more!

Not only will eFileCabinet increase the efficiency with which your mortgage company operates, but we also provide the most secure storage on the market. You deal with a lot of sensitive information on a daily basis — social security numbers, pay stubs, and home addresses. Instead of leaving all of that information in filing cabinets, where it’s vulnerable to theft or damage, eFileCabinet provides a secure digital storage option. You’ll also be able to throw out the old filing cabinets, increasing operable space in your office.

“Knowing that our data is in a safe environment and stored for easy access whenever we need it is important to us. We probably save 10k per year in labor costs because you keep track of all this info.”

eFileCabinet is the leading digital Document Management System on the market. eFileCabinet’s proprietary software makes managing, storing, editing, and accessing your documents much easier.

eFileCabinet is easy to implement, and won’t cause any unnecessary downtime in your existing systems. There’s never been a better time to use a Document Management System. Take the plunge today — you won’t believe how easy it is go to paperless!

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