Edit and Share Your Documents on the Go with Mobile File Cabinet Software

In today’s workplace, many people need access to documents while traveling, out of the office, over a weekend or holiday, visiting with a client, etc. With paper document management methods, accessing these files requires a trip to the office, where documents have about a 1 in 20 chance of being misplaced, mislabeled, or lost.

eFileCabinet Mobile App: An Effective Mobile File Cabinet

To enhance the way businesses access and share documents, eFileCabinet products are available on mobile devices. The eFileCabinet mobile app allows secure accessing, capturing, and sharing of documents and images remotely and securely. With eFileCabinet working with SecureDrawer, our client portal, you effectively have a mobile file cabinet contained in your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to access or upload any document or file to eFileCabinet instantly. With the eFileCabinet mobile app you have full access to your cabinets, drawers, files, and documents. The only requirement is having a browser-capable device and an internet connection.


Capturing and Uploading Documents with Our Mobile Client

Not only is accessing files easier than ever, but capturing documents—even with a mobile device—is very easy and user-friendly. With eFileCabinet products, you can simply use the camera on your mobile device to take a picture of documents or images and upload them to eFileCabinet. Even large documents that require multiple pictures to fully capture can conveniently be saved as a single PDF file.


Sharing Documents with Our Mobile Client Portal

Sharing documents on the go is fast and reliable with SecureDrawer, giving you access to and the ability to share important documents 24/7 from any web connection. We understand that files often need to be shared with customers who may not already have an eFileCabinet account. To allow sharing with these clients, users can create a temporary guest profile for these individuals. Creating a guest profile allows you to share necessary files with the right people anytime and anywhere. We’ve taken every step to reduce the number of obstacles for using this application down to one: having a browser capable device and an internet connection.


Security Features of our Mobile File Cabinet Portal

Many of eFileCabinet’s customers are businesses and individuals who deal heavily with confidential and sensitive documents. Because of this, we take security, privacy, and industry compliance very seriously, and do not compromise data security for the convenience of instant access and sharing.
eFileCabinet uses 256-bit encryption to encrypt data while being transmitted and stored. 256-bit encryption is highly secure, about 2,000 times more secure than many banking websites that use 128-bit encryption. We also use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, a security protocol which protects confidential information sent between a web client and a server. The servers that eFileCabinet stores data on are SAS (Statement on Auditing Standards) 70 Type II certified, meaning that our network infrastructure and security has been able to meet rigorous safety and security standards. eFileCabinet’s mobile app technology not only makes sharing and accessing information much more convenient than ever before, but it also enhances the security, privacy, and safety of those who store their documents electronically.

eFileCabinets commitment to data security also makes it very easy for users of our products to meet industry compliance standards set by organizations like HIPAA, FINRA, and the SEC.


Other Benefits of Mobile Filing Cabinets

eFileCabinet products are not only much more secure than email for sending documents across the web, but also allow much larger file sizes (about 100 times!). Using the eFileCabinet mobile app and SecureDrawer, you can keep any file or document in its native format, virtually regardless of file size, and send it far more securely, knowing that privacy and confidentiality are being protected.
SecureDrawer also reduces the cost of mailing documents. Occasionally, emergencies arise when a client or customer needs a document immediately. Instead of rushing to the post office and paying premium prices for next day delivery, with eFileCabinet products you can have instant delivery at no additional cost. There is also no risk in documents getting lost, and you are able to see the audit log history that proves where and when a document was shared.

At eFileCabinet we’re committed to saving our clients time, space, and money, while increasing service quality and security measures. We’re in the business of helping businesses run smarter and more efficiently. To see how an electronic filing system can benefit your business, fill out the form on this page for a free demo.