There has never been a greater need for fast, reliable, and secure access to data than there is in today’s fast-paced world. Many industries need secure access to a wide range of documents, and they need access fast. Gaining new customers—and retaining current ones—can be determined entirely on response times to inquiries, and response time is highly dependent on how easy it is to access necessary documents—even on the go.

Small Businesses Need Access to Quotes, Invoices, and More

Small businesses have small staff, and often numerous people need access to the same data. As everyone pulls double duty to keep the business growing, they’re not always sitting at their desk, ready to pull up the latest quote, invoice, or other essential, confidential document. Mobile programs allow employees to share data with one another seamlessly and to access the documents they need from wherever they are.

The Ever-Changing Needs of Insurance Agencies Necessitate Mobile Access to Data

Insurance agencies have one focus: customer service. They can provide low quotes, extended hours, and many other benefits, but if they aren’t taking care of their customers, they’re not going to keep those customers. Having access to all the customer data they need—no matter where they are—can make or break an insurance agency’s business.

Realtors Need Instant Access to Data

A realtor can set off to show clients a very specific set of homes, can have all the relevant information they need, and can feel that they’re ready for anything that comes their way. Then the inevitable happens: clients want to look at properties with completely different attributes. Realtors are busy, but so are their clients—they don’t want to wait for their realtor to head back to the office to get the information they need. Mobile access to their files makes it possible to impress clients time and time again.

In the Medical Profession, Time Is Truly a Life and Death Situation

The days of doctors sitting in the same office, day after day, hour after hour, are behind us. These days, medical professionals are always on the go, and they need to be able to access their client’s health information in the blink of an eye. In this situation, confidentiality is crucial. Not only is time of the essence, but they need to know that the data they’re accessing is completely secure.

The Good News: eFileCabinet Offers a Solution

The eFileCabinet mobile app allows users to scan and store documents simply and easily. In fact, the entire process of mobile content scanning involves simply taking a picture. They can then access all their documents from their phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Coupled with SecureDrawer, they can share all their files with whomever they need—once again, right from their phone or other mobile device. eFileCabinet makes mobile content imaging easy and accessible, while SecureDrawer ensures that these highly confidential documents aren’t accessible by the masses. It’s a technology marriage made in heaven.

All Industries Can Benefit from This Unique Solution

Mobile DMS (document management software) makes the jobs of professionals much easier. Small businesses don’t need to invest capital in a complicated handheld document scanner—they can simply use company cell phones. Insurance agencies can visit clients in the field and have access to all their policy information—securely. Realtors can use mobile content imaging to not just have basic details on all properties, but to have complete access including pictures and specifications for every property available to them. Medical professionals can use mobile content scanning to have secure access to X-rays, patient’s health histories, contact information, and everything else typically held in a confidential patient file.

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