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The Convenience of accessible yet secure information
The Time Saved in quickly finding files anywhere there’s an internet connection
Impressed Clients access any file for meetings while on the road or traveling
The Peace of Mind in knowing information is safe
The Usability of a sleek, intuitive document management interface
The Responsiveness your clients and customers demand

Customer Success Story

The power of the mobile app

“A few years ago, we went to Florida on vacation. We stayed at a house on the beach for a month. And I worked everyday from the beach, using eFileCabinet. Anyone who wants to work from home, or has employees who want to work from home… this is a great solution.”

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The mobile app comes with everything you love about eFileCabinet, including SecureDrawer

It’s as easy as email, but far more secure. Our award-winning web portal, SecureDrawer, gives its users a protected way to quickly share sensitive information with clients and coworkers alike. A response to the many security setbacks of email, this Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-adherent technology ensures that your organization is guarded against the repercussions of data breaches. This powerful eFileCabinet feature is also protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, giving your clients the peace of mind they demand in a decade rife with data breaches.

The SecureDrawer feature gives you

The Freedom of fewer clicks to secure file sharing
The Clarity of no guest user setup
The Power of simple drawer organization
The Responsiveness of a quick access panel
The Ease of Metadata-enhanced life retrieval
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eFileCabinet Mobile App Features:


  • Edit documents, photos and videos on your mobile device and re-upload to sync
  • Use eFileCabinet Online with same responsiveness as you have on your computer
  • Multi-page previewer that allows pinch and zoom on the images that it displays


  • New, faster access speed
  • Photograph documents with mobile camera and upload to eFileCabinet account in place of scanning
  • Quickly access all files stored in your eFileCabinet account
  • New, intuitive design including “Favorites,” “Recents,” and ‘Checked Out’ files


  • Increase info accessibility and security with the new 2016 SecureDrawer
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit, bank-grade security file sharing
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Customizable security settings
  • Share with an unlimited amount of guest users
  • Reduce costs and risks of physical document distribution
  • Reduce costs and risks of overnight shipping deliveries
  • 5-minute (time adjustable) time out requiring PIN, not full login


  • Send multiple files with only one swipe
  • Photograph docs with mobile camera and upload (no scanning needed).
  • Upload and open/download and open docs from other apps
  • Print your files from your mobile device
  • Convert native images of iOS (JPEG) and Android to PDF
  • Print files from your mobile device
  • Preview files before downloading
  • View file size for each item you download
  • Upload native images of Android as PDFs

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