Meet Your New Data-Entry Specialist—Zonal OCR


Do you or your employees spend endless hours entering data from forms? On August 4, we introduced a solution that will eliminate the need for manual data entry—Zonal OCR.

With Zonal OCR, you can select areas of the scanned document that you want the software to read. The program will recognize the typed characters, extract the information, and sort the data into profile fields. Have 500 W-2s and 500 1099s you need to pull the information from? Just create a template for each document type and tell Zonal OCR which fields you need. Then, simply scan in all 1,000 documents at once.

Zonal OCR will recognize the different documents and apply your preset templates to each one, pulling information from the appropriate fields. But that’s not all—Zonal OCR will then name, sort, and appropriately file the documents in your eFileCabinet profile. Got another stack of W-2s and 1099s? Now that your templates are set up, all you have to do is scan in the documents, and Zonal OCR will do the rest. With Zonal OCR, you don’t have to enter a thing by hand; eFileCabinet can now do it all for you, saving your business significant time and money.

Contact eFileCabinet today for more information about purchasing Zonal OCR as an extension for your On-Premise software

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