EHR Features of eFileCabinet Document Management System Software

eFileCabinet is a document management system used by businesses and organizations that span a wide spectrum of industries. Medical practices have their own specific document management needs, including and especially compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations. Managers of medical practices also want to be able to securely store and easily find and share records in the course of their duties. eFileCabinet’s paperless office solution for doctors and healthcare clinics is often the perfect solution for meeting the needs of the healthcare industry.

Manage EHR Data Using eFileCabinet DMS

Manage Your Practice, Not Paper

Similar to invoices, contracts, and many other types of documents stored in busy offices, workflow associated with medical documentation and patient files is supported by eFileCabinet. eFileCabinet can handle the various kinds of documents used in a medical practice, including human resource records, accounts payable invoices, physician certification forms, and explanation of medical benefits… just about every form in your busy practice. Practice managers can respond to all types of patient inquiries, including Medicare and Medicaid audits, in real-time with eFileCabinet. If you are responsible for patient documentation and managing records for your clinic, you’d likely be interested in this list of features provided by eFileCabinet in support of the daily operations of healthcare practices

Key eFileCabinet Features for Medical Clinics

  • Remote access to patient information allows users to view charts from any location – throughout the office, the hospital, satellite locations or even the physicians’ home
  • Batch scanning and rapid single-click indexing allow users to scan and file at an efficient rate
  • Auto-tasking provides clinical workflow capability to improve efficiency and streamline communication
  • Customizable user-defined settings for security
  • Security compliance assures privacy of patient information
  • Remote scanning allows satellite offices to send data to host system electronically
  • Document importing of over 150 file types
  • Our open API allows for easy HL7 interfaces to other solutions

Medical Records Management Benefits

  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Increased practice profitability
  • Easy to implement. By automating clinical chart access and sharing the most up-to-date patient information – facilities can start to go paperless in a matter of weeks reducing overhead and chart expenses.
  • Reduces staff time and storage space requirements
  • Increased security and HIPAA compliant
  • Customizable Settings – user-defined settings simplify everyday routines. Login and password access increases security levels of patient information and system settings.
  • Decreased expenses – Electronic record storage can eliminate chart room and off-site storage facility expenses. Eliminate paper charts, storage racks, and all the problems and costs associated with a paper chart system.
  • Our open API allows for easy HL-7 interfaces with other medical software systems, including practice management systems, medical devices, lab results, and transcription.

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