Many organizations are turning to open-source document management software as a means of more efficiently controlling and managing documents and data. A big advantage of open-source software is that its source code is available at no cost—users can also modify and redistribute it as they see fit.

One popular open-source software solution is Mayan EDMS, an enterprise-level product that enables you to upload documents and attach other types of key business data. Mayan EDMS offers the flexibility to categorize your documents according to your preferences. You can also search your document repository using any string of text you choose.


Overview of Mayan EDMS Features

Mayan EDMS includes the following highlights:

  • Electronic signature verification
  • Versioning, which allows users to check in and check out documents as well as review and update previous versions
  • Unlimited user-defined metadata
  • Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) of documents
  • Full text searching
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multipage document support
  • Permissions and roles support


Taking a Closer Look at Using Mayan EDMS

The following Mayan EDMS review will shed some light on its various pros and cons:



  • Fast and easy installation: Many Mayan EDMS users report that the software is easy to install. Unlike similar products that are coded with Java language, Mayan EDMS is written with Python, which increases download speed and minimizes hardware requirements.
  • Multiple setup options: The Mayan EDMS settings file offers options for both development and production servers.
  • Well-written code: Some users also indicate that the Python code is written extremely well and complies with all Python and Django best practices.
  • Definable metadata sets: You have the ability to define your own metadata sets with Mayan EDMS, which enables you to classify documents based on specific properties that you determine. You can also tag documents to make them more easily identifiable.



  • While the installation and setup of Mayan EDMS is relatively easy, many individuals have found that the software contains many bugs and is difficult to use.
  • Some Mayan EDMS users have indicated that “Contents” box is unable to extract the text content of documents in every instance.
  • The text on some documents may run together or not be properly spaced. Having strings of run-on text seems to be a fairly commonplace occurrence.
  • Specific words in PDF documents can be difficult to extract.
  • The OCR functionality may return documents with missing text.
  • No functionality for bulk downloading of documents is included.
  • The customer support forum may not supply adequate assistance with technical or user issues in some cases.


Exploring Mayan EDMS Alternatives

Many of these issues make open-source document management software solutions such as Mayan EDMS an unsuitable choice for organizations. Fortunately, more reliable Mayan EDMS alternatives are available. One option is eFileCabinet, a flexible document management product that comes in desktop and Cloud versions. The Cloud version (eFileCabinet Online), in particular, is ideally suited for users who need to access data from multiple locations.

Although eFileCabinet software is not open source, it offers a much more reliable alternative to Mayan EDMS and other open source products. Accounting and finance professionals, as well as small business owners, appreciate the easy integration with QuickBooks. Adding the SecureDrawer option enables users to send documents to clients and colleagues easily and securely. The logical menu and easy-to-use interfaces make eFileCabinet suitable for individuals who have never used document management software before. In a time where data security is more important than ever, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that eFileCabinet is FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA compliant.


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