Nestled away in the south corner of eFileCabinet’s office, Marketing and Finance share space, as well as a friendly rivalry. Last Friday, the rivalry escalated as the boys took it to the basketball court. In a game of 3-on-3, Finance and Marketing duked it out to find out which department reigned supreme.

Here are the team line-ups:


  • Scott Mikos – Marketing Automation Manager
  • Seth Morris – Content Editor
  • Richard Robbins – SEO Director


  • Jeff Coulter – CFO
  • Roger Crist – Finance Director
  • Eric Salas – Accountant

After shooting some warmups, the guys didn’t delay in bringing their A game.

Marketing surged ahead to an early lead, aided by some Jimmer-worthy shots from Richard Robbins, even with some pretty rough defending from CFO Jeff Coulter.

Seth Morris proved that he could handle more than just Oxford commas as he exhibited his ball-handling skills and executed many drives to the net around his defender, Eric Salas.

But late into the first half, Finance rallied and closed the gap. Jeff Coulter wasn’t about to let his button-downed appearance keep him from contesting Robbins’ scoring prowess, and he sank several long shots of his own.

Roger Crist and Eric Salas got into the scoring groove as well, throwing down some solid shots from both long and short ranges.

But Marketing wasn’t giving up that easily. Mikos and Morris slammed down on defense, blocking many shots from both Salas and Crist.

Marketing’s solid defense and scoring ability allowed them to surge ahead once more, taking a 19-16 lead over Finance. Finance was down, but they were far from out. Late into the second half, every number-cruncher on the court began sinking shots, both from outside the line and inside the paint.

In the end, Finance was able to muscle ahead of Marketing, and ended the game with a nail-biting score of 21-19. For now, Finance reigns supreme in the south corner of eFileCabinet, but we anticipate an exciting rematch in the near future!