LogicalDOC DMS Review and Alternatives

Open-source software products enable all types of organizations to more effectively manage and gain control of the variety of documents and data that flow through a business. Open-source software is readily available and easily accessible, and it’s generally easy to use. LogicalDOC is one of the better open-source document management products currently on the market. The following LogicalDOC review will shed some light on the software’s features, benefits, and disadvantages, as well as some viable LogicalDOC alternatives.


LogicalDOC DMS Features and Benefits

You can quickly access LogicalDOC via your web browser. However, it is not a Cloud-based document management solution. This means you’ll need to connect to it through your computer network. Unlike most open-source document management products that only work with Windows, LogicalDOC is also compatible with the Mac operating system.

LogicalDOC highlights include the following:

  • Easy installation via an automated installer that requires virtually no technical expertise
  • Customizable dashboard that makes the software extremely user-friendly
  • Ability to create, co-author, and coordinate virtually any type of document
  • Easy-to-comprehend document management filing structure enables you to create as many folders and cabinets as you wish
  • Full-text search capability that allows you to seek documents by title, author, or specific document content
  • Ability to also search for documents by metadata, which can save a significant amount of time
  • LogicalDOC CVS export utility for document lists


LogicalDOC DMS Disadvantages

Perhaps the biggest drawback of LogicalDOC is the cost. Unlike most open-source document management software, LogicalDOC is not free. Two LogicalDOC versions are available—the Business edition and the more expensive Enterprise edition. You’ll need to pay for licensing as well as an additional per-user fee. The Enterprise option includes some valuable added features such as workflow capabilities, a digital electronic signature tool, and the ability to track specific documents and folders via RSS feed.

One notable LogicalDOC limitation is that while the software will integrate with Microsoft Office on Windows PCs, the same doesn’t hold true for Mac machines. This could result in slower functionality when using the software in a Mac environment. LogicalDOC is different from most other open-source document management software providers because it offers in-house customer support. However, you can only reach the service team by email if you need technical or product assistance.


Exploring LogicalDOC Alternatives

eFileCabinet offers closed-source LogicalDOC alternatives that can provide a more reliable and effective document management solution. The eFileCabinet product suite includes desktop and online software products that can be delivered in a variety of ways, including on-premises installation, web browser use, or via client application that connects to a mobile server.

Mobile apps that provide remote access to document reviews, downloads, and workflows are also available—no matter where you are. eFileCabinet software products are ideal for organizations that need a flexible, easily configurable solution for capturing the metadata to index documents for their unique document management requirements.

eFileCabinet is also a better alternative to LogicalDOC and other open-source document management products when it comes to security. Software solutions include advanced security features such as data encryption, guest auditor access, and systematic file versioning, to name a few. If your business must meet stringent regulatory requirements, it’s good to know that eFileCabinet products are FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA compliant.


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