LetoDMS Review and Alternatives

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LetoDMS is one of the many open-source software options available for document management applications. The term “open source” refers to the fact that the original LetoDMS source code is readily and freely available for use and for modification by the general public. As with all document management systems, LetoDMS functions much like a computerized file system, while offering a wide range of additional features. Use the following LetoDMS review as a guide to help you gain an understanding of the software’s functionality, strengths, and weaknesses.

LetoDMS Features
LetoDMS includes a user-friendly web interface that enables you to access documents and upload files via the internet or your office’s intranet system. You can easily create customized folders for categorizing your documents, as well as edit document and folder properties online. You can also download your documents or view them online through your web browser.

The LetoDMS CVS (Concurrent Versions System) allows developers to keep track of different versions of source code. LetoDMS is easy to install and requires little technical expertise to get the software up and running.

The following LetoDMS features are also notable:

  • The ability to attach various metadata to documents such as creation date, owner, and status
  • Multiple language options and comprehensive multilingual support
  • Automatic conversion to HTML enables you to view Microsoft Word documents online
  • The ability to obtain detailed information on uploaded documents
  • The ability to lock and unlock documents
  • Versioning capabilities that allow you to update documents while also saving older document versions
  • Fast location and retrieval of previous document versions
  • The ability to set specific document expiration dates
  • Email notifications regarding new, updated, or expired documents

LetoDMS Disadvantages
There are several key disadvantages to using LetoDMS software. Some previous LetoDMS reviews have expressed concerns about data/document security. For instance, all users apparently have unlimited access to unverified/rejected documents. LetoDMS also does not comply with the SMPT internet standard for email transmissions. Therefore, LetoDMS is not recommended for use in work environments where strict privacy and regulatory compliance are essential.

As with most open-source document management software products, getting reliable customer support can pose a problem. Users will have to refer to the product documents that are available on the LetoDMS website or participate in user forums to find advice and answers to frequently asked questions.

Choosing LetoDMS Alternatives
Viable LetoDMS alternatives are available to users who have concerns about the software’s security issues or other shortcomings. eFileCabinet offers user-friendly desktop and online propriety software products that are ideally suited for industries such as finance, accounting, insurance, and education. eFileCabinet includes a host of innovative features. For instance, the brand-new HTML5 interface enables the software to be viewed across any platform. Mobile apps are also available, allowing users to manage documents and files across multiple locations and devices.

For security-conscious organizations, eFileCabinet provides an assortment of state-of-the-art security features. Examples include guest auditor access, role-based access, and data encryption. By adding the SecureDrawer web portal product, you also get access to additional security benefits such as secure online file storage and sharing with clients, custom-branded client portals, and automated email notifications. Unlike LetoDMS and most other open-source DMS products on the market, eFileCabinet provides an unparalleled level of customer support. You can contact us directly by telephone, email, or live chat whenever you have a question or concern.

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