Leading Edge Awards 2015

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Are you or someone you work with an eFileCabinet expert? Does your business use eFileCabinet in exciting maybe even revolutionary ways? If so, your business is a candidate to receive a 2015 Leading Edge Award!

Leading Edge Award winners will receive an all-expense paid trip and VIP treatment to Las Vegas for one representative to attend The Edge Conference November 11-13, 2015, where awards will be presented. This representative will also be named to our 2015 National Advisory Panel and your business will be spotlighted throughout the year as a leader in your industry.

Whatever the size of your business, industry and eFileCabinet experience, the Leading Edge Award will allow you to share your accomplishments and knowledge, best practices and lessons learned with the eFileCabinet community and more!

Share with us why your organization deserves to win a Leading Edge Award 2015.

You may nominate your business in more than one category. The categories are listed below. The form you need to fill out in order to nominate your company is below the categories. Nominations are due by June 1, 2015.

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Best eFileCabinet Practice – Industry Specific: Accounting, Insurance, Financial, Human Resources, Government, and General.  

eFileCabinet has become an integral part of your business practice in fact, maybe you can’t imagine working without it! Tell us how you have used eFileCabinet’s software to boost your business.

Best eFileCabinet Workflow Implementation

Are you an eFileCabinet workflow wizard? Have you learned the ‘ins and outs’ of workflow processes? If you have stories of increased productivity through use of workflow, this is the category for you.

Best eFileCabinet Business Continuity Implementation

Did you choose eFileCabinet to keep your business safe from any potential disaster? If eFileCabinet has helped you run ‘business as usual’ by keeping your files protected and accessible no matter the circumstance, we want to hear from you!

Best eFileCabinet Online Implementation

If your company uses eFileCabinet Online like no other, be sure to tell us your story. We are looking for eFCO experts like you!

Best eFileCabinet Desktop Implementation

If your company is convinced eFileCabinet Desktop is the best paperless solution, nominate yourself and tell us why!

Best SecureDrawer Implementation

Is SecureDrawer key to your business’ success? Is our web portal keeping your customers happy as you securely and easily share documents with them? Tell us why your company deserves best use of SecureDrawer.

Best eFileCabinet eSignature Implementation

If your business couldn’t survive without the ease and efficiency of eSignature, we want to hear from you!