When it comes to running a successful accounting firm, times are changing. While at one time it was important to provide accurate accounting through the maintenance of an organized filing cabinet, new technology has raised the bar with the development of the cloud. Large accounting firms have already adopted cloud services to streamline their operations, and tax filing services like Quickbooks have begun offering their services online. While the cloud is working wonders for large firms, smaller accounting firms are slow to adopt these new technologies. And yet, the cloud offers serious benefits to firms regardless of size.


Cloud-Based Solutions

What exactly is the big fuss about cloud-based solutions? Well, for accounting firms, it begins with eliminating hindrances that come along with legacy software. Old-school technology usually requires local installation, upgrades, and networking. Oftentimes, systems encounter conflicts within operating systems, which causes down time. If a system goes down, the firm is left without access to important files, which can be very disruptive in the middle of, for example, tax season. Secondly, communication is more segmented and less secure without the cloud. When an accountant is working with a client, procedures can require the client coming into the office to fill out paperwork, having papers faxed over, printing them, and faxing them back, or having them emailed and then sent back. This may seem fine and normal, until compared with cloud solutions.

Cloud-based solutions do not require the local installation of software. Instead, firms can simply use the service through their computer as long as an internet connection is present. This allows accountants to work from anywhere. If something goes wrong at the office, the firm is not restricted to that location and work can continue without interruptions in business. Additionally, downtime due to clashing operating systems or networking issues is non-existent.

Communication is another area where the cloud truly shines. Documents can be shared and edited in real time through secure portals, and they do not have to be downloaded, faxed, or emailed. Paper is not needed, which reduces a company’s environmental footprint, reduces clutter, and cuts costs. This also allows for easy access to clients the world around, streamlines processes allowing firms to handle more business, and improves security. Do you think a customer is going to turn to an accountant that can seamlessly send them a tax organizing kit through a secure portal in minutes, or one who requires them to come in and pick up paperwork?


eFileCabinet Cloud-Based Solutions

Where can you turn to find a secure and efficient cloud-based storage solution? eFileCabinet is at your service. With eFileCabinet, you can store all of your files electronically and locate those you need with a simple search. This saves in costs of paper, physical storage, and labor. All of the files are conveniently located in the cloud, where they can be retrieved with a simple click. Access to files in eFileCabinet can be granted whether you are in your office, on your cell phone, or on a tablet, with the assistance of our mobile app.

eFileCabinet’s CloudView is especially beneficial. With this application, an accounting firm can automatically back up files in their system each day at a scheduled time. On-demand backups can easily be performed by clicking a button. Can you say the same for traditional paper storage? This data storage solution is vastly superior to traditional storage solutions. Online documents are accessible no matter what may happen to a computer, phone, or cabinet.

When storing files in a filing cabinet or room, there are limitations to the security measures that can be taken to keep them safe. On the other hand, the top-notch data encryption available through eFileCabinet keeps documents safe from unauthorized access. In addition, the software provides role-based security control access for documents. This means that a manager can choose who can have access to which documents.

Additionally, eFileCabinet’s audit trail keeps track of when a file has been renamed, changed, and/or deleted. It also notes which user made changes. This takes the guess work out of audit trails and allows managers to make sure that employees are following policies.

As you can see, eFileCabinet’s document management system is vastly superior to a traditional paper filing system. Our proficient software gives your small accounting firm processes that offer security and compliance, while also enabling your company to work more effectively and efficiently. Make sure your accounting firm remains competitive by implementing this new technology. Once you do, you will understand why firms who do not join the cloud will be left out in the rain.