Great informational webinar that includes the benefits of taking your office paperless. eFileCabinet Trainer, Paul Conterio, discusses:

-How easy it is to find files and documents

With eFileCabinet documents can be instantly searched, accessed, and shared with authorized individuals. With indexing, OCR, metadata and tags, allows for very easy searching of documents. Time and money spent looking for, mailing, and copying documents can be saved and spent on more profitable activities.

-Why you should go paperless and the benefits associated with going paperless

Going paperless saves on time, space, and money for a much more efficient business.

-How industry compliance regulations factor in

Paperless document management makes it easier than ever to stay compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC. Our systems use robust encryption and securities ensure that only authored individuals can access confidential files.

-How to share files securely with customers and vendors

SecureDrawer, our client portal offers a mobile, accessible, and secure platform on which to share files with customers and employees.