Despite what Kermit the Frog says about it, here at eFileCabinet, we believe it really is easy to be green!

So what makes being green so easy? Even with the abundance of tips online, being environmentally conscious can sometimes seem to be more work than it’s worth.

With eFileCabinet’s suite of products, it’s really simple to help your business go green! The following tips help explain how eFileCabinet makes being green a cinch for your company.


No More Wasted Paper

How much paper do you think your company wastes every day printing out copies of documents that need to be signed, revised, or simply looked at again for approval? Studies say that the average office worker continues to use a staggering 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year! All of that paper not only costs money, but takes its toll on our paper resources.

With a digital document management system, you can easily replace printing, postage, and manual filing with electronic processes. Your business will also be that much greener!


Converting Your Paper Files to Digital Is Simple

A common worry with transitioning from a paperwork environment to a green, digital world is that the transition will be complicated and take up too much time.

What most people don’t know is that eFileCabinet features OCR, or Optical Character Recognition.

OCR converts print material into word processing files, or text files, which can then be read, edited, and managed.

This means when you scan your documents into eFileCabinet (either the on-premise or Cloud version) sorting your documents is almost effortless. You can search for specific words in the documents and then put them into the appropriate folders and cabinets within eFileCabinet, all without manually entering any information on your end. All you have to do is scan and sort.

Not only does the OCR technology make sorting your documents easier, it also significantly increases the ease with which your employees can access documents. While physical paper documents in your office can only be accessed if someone is in the office with the keys to the filing cabinets, digital copies of the documents can be accessed anywhere via eFileCabinet in the cloud.

This increased accessibility dramatically streamlines your business processes. Finding, sending, saving, and editing documents becomes a lot easier when they’re managed digitally. Audit trails and role-based security also give you increased tracking and safeguards while maintaining accessibility.


Save Some Green by Going Green

You’ll save money on filing, storing, and archiving your documents. You won’t have to spend money on paper, ink toner, and expensive copiers anymore. Your staff won’t have to spend time copying documents and sending them all over the office. Your business operations will be much smoother and you’ll see increased efficiency in your office.


With eFileCabinet, it really IS easy to be green!