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FileDepot from Drupal is an open-source document management module that allows users to create a collaborative environment for sharing documents and enhancing content integrity. FileDepot is ideally suited for organizations that are still relying upon a shared drive facility for storing commonly accessed documents and files. What follows is an overview of some of the key FileDepot features and benefits, including whether FileDepot is compatible for use in a HIPAA environment.


FileDepot Features Overview

FileDepot includes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to organize and locate their files. Virtually any type of file can be stored in FileDepot, and you can even define allowable file extension types. There’s also a flexible permission model that allows document management system administrators to delegate the task of folder administration to other users. The document tagging feature can expedite the document search process and enable you to see which tags have been used.

FileDepot also offers advanced versioning capabilities. Newer files are versioned automatically, while previous versions remain available. Another attractive feature is the ability to upload a small or large number of files of all sizes directly to the document repository with a simple drag-and-drop step.

Many users will find FileDepot’s enhanced notification capabilities to be extremely beneficial as well. You can choose to receive an email notification when new files are added or modified, whether it’s an individual file or complete folder. You’ll have access to numerous reports for everything from the most recent or bookmarked files to files that are locked or unread. A document can be flagged as locked to alert users that it is in the process of being updated.


What About Document Security/HIPAA Compliance?

The presence of stringent security measures is paramount in any document management system, especially for organizations that operate in a strict regulatory environment. While FileDepot fares well in some security measurement areas, it falls short in others. Stronger areas include data encryption, password protection, and web security.

Points of weakness include HIPAA and SEC compliance. FileDepot product reviews found in SoftwareInsider rate the software’s HIPAA compliance at 14.71% of document management, while SEC compliance was listed as 11.44%. SoftwareInsider suggests the possibility of purchasing a Virtual Data Room in order to enhance the software’s security capabilities, although this will require a minimum expenditure of $100 per month.


Achieve HIPAA Compliance with eFileCabinet Document Management Software

eFileCabinet is a top choice for healthcare facilities and organizations that must maintain compliance with HIPAA guidelines. eFileCabinet is a closed-source document management software solution that makes security a high priority. Many of our healthcare clients choose one of our performance bundles, which can include numerous valuable security features such as role-based security permissions, audit user tracking, systematic file versioning, and guest auditor access. You’ll also get the benefit of SecureDrawer, which enables secure online file storage and sharing with clients.

In addition to superior document and data security, eFileCabinet products make it easy to scan your paper documents and convert them to digital files. The robust search capabilities allow you to quickly locate your files for viewing and browsing. Any document can be at your fingertips in a manner of seconds instead of minutes. In short, eFileCabinet can boost your organization’s productivity and profitability.


Contact eFileCabinet to Learn More about Our HIPAA-Compliant Software Solutions

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