eFileCabinet is happy to introduce a new and improved eSignature feature available to Rubex users starting now. This intuitive feature allows you to request electronic signatures from any individual on any form, directly from the Rubex interface.

For all of your legally binding forms, contracts, agreements, and approvals, eSignature is one of the most secure and compliant ways to obtain signatures on your digital documents. It works similarly to Rubex’s file-sharing feature, which allows you to securely request files from anyone. All you need is an email address and you can send the document you need signed in an instant.   

How It Works

With the interface, you can drag-and-drop signature fields on the document where you need it to be signed. You can also create fields for initials, text, and checkboxes. There’s also an option to set a read and acknowledge requirement that requires the signer to scroll through the document before hitting an acknowledge or agree button. You can also invite other parties besides the signer to read the document, like CCing someone on an email.

The signer will receive an email with a link that will take them to a secure signing portal. They must consent to sign via eSignature, then they’ll be able to choose from pre-generated signatures or draw their own. 

Rubex puts you in control by allowing you to choose where the signed document is saved in your system. You can either create a new version of the original document or create a copy where you can route to a specified location. You can schedule an expiration date for your signature request along with automated reminder emails to the signer.

Users with eSignature permission can view their signature transactions from the eSignature dashboard, including ones that are outstanding. Admins can view all signature transactions for the account.

eSignature creates a separate audit trail document whenever a document is signed. Because of this audit trail, the user retains ownership of the signature and does not need the original service to verify its authenticity. It verifies who signed the original document and when. You can also specify where in your system this audit trail document is saved.

Rubex’s eSignature feature allows users to remain compliant with major domestic and international standards including: ESIGN, UETA, FINRA/SEC, Digital Signature Standards by National Institute of Standards and Technology, ETSI, Title 21 CFR Part 11, SSAE16, ISO 27001, HIPAA, the IRS’s IVES Electronic Signature Requirements, the US Department of Education’s 34 CFR 99.30 and PCI DSS.

Unlike most major electronic signature services, neither eFileCabinet nor other third-parties retain signatures or other private data from signers.

What really separates Rubex’s eSignatures apart from major electronic signature services is the ability to add requests for signatures to automated workflows. Your process for gathering signatures can be even more streamlined when made part of an automated process. Much like adding a workflow stage for file requests, you can make it so sending a signature request to external, designated individuals is activated upon certain conditions being met.

eSignature is yet another component of Rubex that makes it an even more comprehensive, all-in-one business application. Along with automated workflows, secure file-sharing, and compliance tools, it’s more than a simple document management system. It can be central to all of your business’s everyday processes.