Rubex is now available on your desktop! The Rubex Desktop Application is available for all Rubex users to download for free on PC and Mac. We wanted to deliver a complete desktop-based experience, without cutting any features or compromising performance. This new way to access your document management system is functionally identical to the browser interface, but with some added features. 

With the Rubex browser interface, you could only drag-and-drop files into your desired location. The Desktop Application allows you to drag-and-drop your files to and from Rubex. As an added bonus, you can also drag-and-drop files into Microsoft Outlook as attachments. 

What really makes the Rubex Desktop Application shine are the new and improved ways you can upload documents to your document management system. Each of these methods sends your uploaded documents to a storage queue where you can then select where to send them.

Printer — With the Desktop Application, you can set up your Rubex to act as a location you can “print to” from any application that has this functionality. 

Scanner — eFileCabinet Scanner can be downloaded using the application, allowing you to send your scanned documents immediately to the cloud. 

Microsoft Office — The Desktop Application allows you to install a Rubex add-on to Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook. The Send To Rubex button allows you to send the document you’re working on to the cloud with one click. Available for Windows only.

Watch Folder — This feature allows you to select any folder on your computer that Rubex will continually check and upload any files that are saved there.

All of these features are accessible from the Rubex Desktop Application settings window. The print to function on Mac doesn’t need to be installed, and users can use Mac’s built-in scanner app to upload to Rubex.

The download link for the  Rubex Desktop Application can be found in the browser interface in the side-bar menu. It’s compatible with Windows 7 or later and OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later.

Additionally, all users will be notified about new updates and will have the option to skip updates if they wish. 

The installer is an EXE for Windows, with an MSI available upon request, and DMG for Mac, which allows IT departments to automate the deployment of the application on multiple computers.

If you have any questions about the Desktop Application or about Rubex, contact your account manager.