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Document management has never been this easy or this powerful. Experience next-level peace of mind with Rubex.

Rubex Features

One system that does it all

With Rubex, you can now safely send and receive files through our secure sharing portal. Rubex contains all the benefits and features of our client’s favorite product, SecureDrawer, but now everything is done in one place. Now sharing secure files is as easy as sending an email.

Improved workflows

Rubex removes bottlenecks through powerful Automated Workflows. Once a workflow is triggered, the file is sent on an automated journey to collect approvals from team members. Automatic file storage also occurs once the workflow journey is complete.

Simple file requests

When you need important documents from clients, you can set up a prenamed file structure so when a client sends something over, the organization is done for you. Files are renamed and put exactly where they need to go.

More powerful templates

Applying an identical folder structure for new clients and employees can now be done in just a few clicks. Another template highlight is the predefined naming option, which lets you quickly choose what to name a file to remove the 
file naming guesswork.

Enhanced security

When it comes to keeping your files safe and secure, Rubex brings more protection than ever with its advanced security policies. Safeguard your important files with stronger password complexity, location-based file access (IP Whitelisting) and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Insights from eFileCabinet’s customers


Requesting client files and securely sharing tax information reference

Tax season can result in a flurry of client files being shared back-and-forth for weeks on end. Getting the right files from clients, maintaining proper organization, and keeping everything secure can seem impossible at times.


Repetitive time-consuming tasks

Chances are you repeat similar tasks all day long. Hundreds of documents each day need processing and you have to perform the same task for every single document without making a mistake. The pressure and chaos can be overwhelming.


Finding critical information wherever you are

Your legal clients have large amounts of data that you have to file, store, and have ready at a moments notice regardless if you’re at the office or in the courtroom. Those files are rarely standardized. Searching and finding specific text in a document can be a literal nightmare.


Mountains of paper to process and track

The sheer amount of paper you have to keep track of for your clients is beyond overwhelming. Some files are paper, others are digital. You’re expected to maintain a clean and precise document organization for each and every single client.


Secure sharing portal and templates


Workflows and Zonal OCR


Full-text searching and mobile accessibility


Templates and easy to implement naming structures

Get ready for the world’s most

advanced document management tool.

Other key features

  • One system that does it all
  • More powerful templates
  • Automated workflows
  • Activity center
  • Portfolios
  • Enhanced security

  • Faster searching

  • Simple file requests

  • Advanced version control

  • Branded customization


“Exceptional Document Management System Software! It is easy to use, simple to update, and possibly the best software on the market for document management.”

Michael E

Design and Applications Engineer

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