Did you know that you can become an eFileCabinet user for only $9.95 per month? That’s the power of our home office document management solution, eFileCabinet Express.

This means you get small business technology at a consumer grade price for your single room office or home office. If that’s not an incredible deal, nothing is.

With a year chocked full of new developments and product releases, eFileCabinet Express carves out a very particular purpose among our future user base: To make document management software accessible to those who run small businesses, departments, or offices from their homes or one-room offices.

It’s a perfect tool for an increasingly decentralized workforce—one in which many workers earn money on a freelance basis, consulting basis, or run a small operation from their homes.

Express takes document management functionality known within the enterprise, and tailors it to the individual—ensuring solo workers can remain connected, efficient, and capable.


What eFileCabinet Express Gives You

Audit Trails

eFileCabinet Express’s audit trail feature simplifies the auditing process in the event an external audit occurs, while also keeping track of activity within the home office document management system.

Automated Retention and Deletion

If you must keep a document for a certain amount of time to ensure compliance or simply know when you’ll no longer need the document and don’t want it cluttering your system, this feature lets users specify when files can be deleted from the Express repository.

File Retrieval So Fast, You’ll Think the Document Found You

90% of the world’s data has been created within the past several years. If you’re a single room office worker or work from home, this puts a massive task on your shoulders as an individual: Keeping pace with the information groups produce. Express is the perfect tool for assisting you in meeting this challenge.

One of the ways eFileCabinet Express enables such fast file retrieval is by helping you find what you’re looking for in the system at speeds yet to be equaled by other home office document management vendors, and especially Windows folder structures.


Differences Between eFileCabinet Express and eFileCabinet Online

Although the mobile app of our Online solution and Online solution itself are designed for two or more collaborators within an organizational unit, Express is a perfect fit for one person serving many different clients or customers.

Although Express is a lite version of eFileCabinet Online (and therefore also deployed in the cloud), it gives users the option to key in the features they can afford and would like to use, further individualizing the solo worker’s business process. However, although the product is low-touch and low cost, it does provide newfound functionality within the eFileCabinet product spread.

For instance, Express users can choose from a handful of traditional eFileCabinet Online features to fully tailor their single room office experience, whereas the traditional Online product comes equipped with features small businesses with 1 to 10 employees will likely need.

For instance, eFileCabinet Express gives users the opportunity to key in an HTML5 previewer, the SideKick Instant Access Tool, and Advanced Templates.

Perhaps the most cutting edge feature of Express, Advanced Templates take eFileCabinet’s templating technology, which automates folder, drawer, and cabinet creation, and applies it to document structures themselves within folders. This new eFileCabinet feature brings the document and storage automation process full circle.


Express Also Includes

Custom Branding & Secure File Sharing

Express relies on SecureDrawer technology to equip users with bank-grade, 256-bit encryption file sharing. The clients and customers you service demand security in an age of data breach, and this feature ensures you can provide them with what they need.

Assistance from WalkMe

WalkMe is a user interface trainer that helps you learn the ropes in eFileCabinet Express as quickly as possible.

100 GB of Free Data Storage

This is plenty for the average solo worker and home office document management.

Email Support

Our award-winning support team will promptly answer questions and fix any issues via email.

If you’re interested in buying Express, visit our Express page today.