When looking for the best document management software in 2015, what are some of the most important features to look for? Picking the best DMS for your operating system can make your life much easier, and picking the wrong DMS for your business can cause more harm to your organization than imaginable.

WindowsOS works with lot of DMS systems that are on the market, but there is one that stands out above the rest—eFileCabinet. When evaluating the top 100 DMS systems available in the USA and other countries, eFileCabinet took the cake in terms of integrating and seamlessly working with the Windows operating system.


Here is what we found eFileCabinet was able to do for clients who ran Windows:

  1. Our clients are integrated with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and every other program in the Microsoft Office Suite—more than any other DMS on the market today.
  2. We offer a 100% open API on our Enterprise Platform for larger companies that need advanced integrations with other software. If you are familiar with API integration, you will understand the amount of money and dedication we have put into making it easy for you to do business with our product.
  3. We understand the long-term needs of our individual clients, so we offer a flexible software that can be adapted to your company’s growth and changing needs. We currently offer over 1,500 different features that can be used to customize your eFileCabinet experience.

Windows is not the only OS eFileCabinet works with, but it is the one most commonly used by our clients. CentOS, ClearOS, Ubuntu, Fendora, and MacOS are all operating systems that can be with eFileCabinet for your document management needs.