Combine Integromat and eFileCabinet

Automate Your

Entire Tech Stack

Integromat is a cross-platform automation engine that’s compatible with eFileCabinet. Its visual integration builder allows users to create automated workflows without having to write any code.

With Integromat’s automation builder, customers can set eFileCabinet to automatically perform certain actions when triggers occur in other applications. Major applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and hundreds of others are able to integrate with eFileCabinet, setting off a variety of different actions. 

It’s intuitive to use, so you don’t have to be a programmer to create responsive workflows between your different applications.


Create Items

Create a new folder, drawer, or cabinet inside of eFileCabinet.

Download Files

Download a file from eFileCabinet.


Make API Calls

Perform an arbitrary authorized API call.

Rename Items

Rename a file, folder, drawer, or cabinet in eFileCabinet.

Upload Files

Upload a file to eFileCabinet.