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Want to build your book of business as an insurance professional? You’ll need the insurance tools that’ll help you outpace the competition.

One of those tools you’ll need is insurance document management software.

Like your customers, you deserve peace of mind, financial security, and savings. eFileCabinet gives insurance professionals all three. If you want to keep all your documents in one place and manage them securely, eFileCabinet is the best insurance document management solution for you, whether you’re a captive agent, independent agent, broker, or broker-agent.

Your customers rely on your services for peace of mind, but on whom do you rely on to guarantee yours—especially when it comes to legal compliance, customer retention, document management and agency growth? As guardian to your clients’ peace of mind, simple cloud storage and CRM just won’t do: The insurance industry demands an insurance document management software solution that facilitates the collaboration, security of information, and accessibility that agents need if they wish to remain competitive.

“By not having to spend time accessing 30 or so files daily by hand, it is going to save me around $5,000 dollars in labor every year.” Ryan M. Utecht

New York Life Insurance Company

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Data increases your clients’ demands:
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Insurance is one of the most document-management-intensive industries in the world. Paper documents are the modern workforce’s biggest efficiency roadblocks, and for good reason: the mismanagement of documents that comes with paper-dependent processes in the insurance industry can have extraordinarily negative compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction consequences. If you work for a paper-dependent insurance agency, spending too much time losing, misfiling, scanning, and searching for the information you could otherwise have at your fingertips with insurance document management software, is inevitable. For these reasons, the decision to go paperless with your document management will dictate whether insurance agencies sink or swim in the next decade. Will you decide to stay afloat?

Increase sales with SEC compliant
Insurance document management software

As of July 2016, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports that delays in claim handling are the number one consumer complaint against insurers, comprising nearly 15 percent of all insurance complaints. To expedite claim handling in the insurance industry, agents, dedicated agents, brokers, and adjusters can use the sophisticated data centralization, collaboration, and file-finding features of insurance document management software. Not only will these proven document management attributes of our offering improve reputation and close more sales for your agency, but they will also serve to retain customers who increasingly demand timely handling and management of insurance claims and impeccable customer service.

Insurance is an industry built on commission, strategic selling, and customer retention, but paper-dependent selling is inefficient selling. The disorganization and clutter that paper documents cause only subtracts from the time insurance agencies could use to service client accounts, close deals, perform sales training, or drive innovation for customers. Why? Because the average filing cabinet contains over 10,000 insurance documents. Why sift through all this information to find one sheet of paper from one document when you can use insurance document management software to retrieve it electronically in several seconds, and with only a few keystrokes?

Why insurers use eFileCabinet insurance document management software

To go paperless
To nix filing cabinets, free up office space
Transaction process improvement
Enabling collaborative remote workforces
Data, document, and information findability
Reputation management
Expedited claim handling

Operational risk reduction

Client retention
Expedient customer service
Simplified relationship management
Regulation risk education
Saved time, easy handling of binder documents
Open, robust Application Program Interface (API)
Simplified compliance
Data loss prevention
Disaster recovery and mitigation
Affinity sales
Insurance policies
Process automation
Data breach protection

The insurance industry needs a new document management model to support its clients. With a shift from transactional to relational insurance document management, smart insurance brokers and insurance agency producers are optimizing their internal processes to accommodate this change. Given the recent exit of Brexit from the EU, the insurance industry is facing a new wave of complexity. For instance, Alec Gardner, general manager of advanced analytics ANZ at Teradata, notes “the insurance industry is in need of new models to support clients in the sharing/collaborative economy.” (Insurance industry ‘on the cusp’ of major change)

Integration with software you already use

Let eFileCabinet ease the load

Your job is demanding. Your responsibilities are many and varied, and the potential for legal liability is great.

Here are just a few of the insurance DMS Superpowers that can help make your job significantly easier:


Chances are you work with lots of repeated documents in repeated patterns. Automated workflow will save you lots of hands-on time, as documents are automatically routed from creation/collaboration, revising, and versioning, to evaluation and approval.

With eFileCabinet, you can design workflows that are as simple or complex as your firm requires. You can also establish multiple workflows, making it easy to map out automated file routing for the different types of documents you produce or receive on a regular basis.


eFileCabinet’s client portal software is as easy as email, but far more secure with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) bank-grade security. Never send a document attachment or expose yourself to the data breach risks of email again, all thanks to our #1-rated client portal, SecureDrawer.

Zonal OCR

If you work with lots of document types (and we know you do), Zonal OCR is like hiring a super-speedy, extra-efficient virtual assistant who specializes in data entry. Using basic OCR—optical character recognition—Zonal OCR recognizes and auto-populates data for you. It even automatically files the insurance document in eFileCabinet. Setting up Zonal OCR is easy—it takes less time than training a new employee on data entry.


Do you like using a simple button to store and retrieve documents electronically? Want to drop a file into the system with a drag and drop? SideKick is your electronic portal that allows you to quickly find,store, and manage insurance documents with Google-like ease.

You’ve lived long enough without this document management office superhero—let SideKick help do your heavy lifting today! You may have to see it to believe it, but this small, blue orb is a fiercely powerful function that can change your firm forever! Your SideKick sits right on your desktop, and it’s flexible enough to handle virtually any task you send its way. It’s dynamic, really fast, and synchronizes immediately with your other programs. Learn more about SideKick.

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