iNDLABS and eFileCabinet


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iNDLABS is a turnkey IT solutions and professional service provider in the United States, India, and the Middle East. iNDLABS provides customer-centric global engagement and delivery models, including solutions and services encompassing technology integration, application integration, managed services, and professional services to industry verticals.

iNDLABS focuses on services in the core areas of IT infrastructure, lifecycle design and implementation, and management. iNDLABS has developed a comprehensive set of proven methodologies to quickly deliver high-quality, quantifiable results to maximize business performance and value.

eFileCabinet was started in 2001 as a document management solution before document management had even become popular in the business world. eFileCabinet continues to be the industry leader and to create innovative solutions for business efficiencies. They specialize in document management and the tools for businesses to maintain regulatory compliance and to save time in business processes.

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Regulatory compliance tools include: role-based security, audit trails, user-based authority, heavy encryption, document backups, and automated retention.

Business efficiency tools include: streamlined scanning functions (saving 2/3 of regular scanning time), streamlined processes in file management, fast search tools, workflow abilities, and quick storing and sharing capabilities.

eFileCabinet continues to create award-winning software for many verticals.