Managing Human Resource Files and Documents

Human Resources Department

HR departments are tasked with managing countless documents involved in recruiting, onboarding, performance reviews and more. Yet HR professionals often get stuck waiting on completed onboarding paperwork, watching the expiration dates of employees’ licenses and certifications, and documenting performance reviews.

You can put all of these challenges behind you. We don’t just help you easily store and locate documents, but also to automate repetitive processes and eliminate the important but time-consuming work of HR documentation. Rubex can give you back the hours spent collecting and organizing paperwork, so you can focus on the people that matter most.

See how you can make complicated document processes (like FMLA requests) as easy as ever.

Misplaced Files Won’t Hold You Back Any Longer

With all the documentation required for each employee, lacking a consistent organizational structure means that some of those documents may get misfiled, mistitled, or mixed up with previous document versions. Rubex can be the solution to these challenges by making your search and organization easy and automated, so you can find any file you need in seconds.

Get back to working with people, not paperwork

Time to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Onboarding alone probably takes up enough time in your day. Yet it’s still only one of the many repetitive processes that eats away at your time. With Rubex’s automation capabilities, such as workflow, templates, and document requests, you can significantly speed up those processes to reach extreme levels of efficiency. Rubex will allow you to automate your complex, repetitive tasks so you can get more done in less time.

Simplify your hiring and onboarding processes

Security You Can Trust

As an HR professional, you’re responsible for collecting and securing sensitive employee data like SSN, bank information and private health information. With the constant risk of data breaches, ensuring that everything is secure isn’t always easy. With Rubex’s bank-level security, third party certifications, governance capabilities, and robust access controls, all your confidential data can be protected from any threat.

Stay compliant and prepare your records for audits with ease


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