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eFileCabinet Document Management Software

As an HR Professional, you know that your department is home to some of the most complex paper processes in business today. A lot of your day is spent processing corporate and  personnel documents, and that’s where eFileCabinet’s human resources document management software comes in.

We Solve Your Common Office Problems

  • Work at the speed of thought, but without human errors

  • Automate redundant processes

  • Save space and money

  • Keep all documents and files in one place

  • Waste less time

  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents

  • Work from anywhere

  • Facilitate compliance and ensure security

  • Improve customer service

  • Achieve a consistent file structure

  • Securely share files of any size

  • Control access and track files

  • Fast track document turnaround

  • Protect and expand your business

  • Maximize your performance

Be the Hero in Your HR Department

Chris Beebe, Director of Human Resources for Raleigh General Hospital, led the paperless initiative for his department. Watch this short video to see how eFileCabinet not only saved them time and money, but also reduced headaches.

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A Cost-effective Alternative to HRIS and HRMS

  • The average personnel file contains more than 50 different records, each one important and highly confidential.
  • The volume of files and information you’re responsible for can be staggering.

  • Storing and managing personnel documents in paper format is simply no longer viable for most HR departments.

Transform your Human Resources Program

Whether your HR department is large or small, eFileCabinet delivers a simple, effective system to electronically capture, manage, and protect business-critical HR data, including:

  • Applications

  • Workers Compensation Documents

  • Resumes

  • Performance Reviews

  • Recruiting Information

  • Payroll Documents

  • Benefits Elections

  • I-9s

  • Insurance Information

  • And many more!

3 Ways to Simplify Your New Hire Onboarding Process

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Operational Efficiencies

  • Revolutionize productivity in your HR department with eFileCabinet’s document management software.

  • See immediate return on your investment as you improve organization and processes.

  • Manage and respond to employee and administration needs quickly and easily.

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Security and Compliance

  • You’ve got enough to worry about—let eFileCabinet manage security and compliance for you.

  • Our audit tracking and role-based user permissions help maintain compliance with all major personnel and human resources regulations, including HIPAA, eSign, Department of Labor, IRS, and Homeland Security.

  • Role-based security and audit trails ensure confidentiality of all HR files and documents.

Do You Have Good Security Habits?

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We Feel Your Pain.

Your job is demanding. Your responsibilities are many and varied, and the potential for liability—especially in HR—is great. Learn how to protect your department from avoidable problems (think wrongful termination lawsuits, painful audits, and misplaced paperwork) in our article 3 HR Nightmares that DMS Could Prevent.

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“Not only was space a concern, but document retrieval was also. As the Program Manager, I’ve seen a large decrease in the amount of time it takes to store and retrieve required documents since using eFileCabinet. I would guess I save an hour or more during the day by not having to visit the file room and manually search for documents. The time HR spends to conduct employment verifications are cut in half, allowing the department to focus on more pressing issues.”

Darrell Mooney

Reliance Aerotech Services, Inc.

You have a lot on your plate.

In addition to the daily management tasks of payroll, benefits administration, onboarding and training, and tracking time and performance, you’re tasked with building company culture, retaining talented employees, and gathering data (lots of data!) to be analyzed and reported on to management.

It’s a lot to manage, and sometimes HR departments get an unfair ‘bad rap’ with all that they’re expected to do and deliver. Luckily, technology can be a game-changer for HR professionals.

Here are just a few of the DMS Superpowers that can help make your job in HR significantly easier:

For more information about how technology can be the HR Professional’s best friend, read our article HR Departments, New Technology, and Document Management Systems.

“Our personnel files were overflowing, and we needed more and more space to maintain personnel records. With eFileCabinet, all of the personnel files are at the fingertips of each HR staff that needs to have access to them. We’ve seen an increase in productivity because I no longer need to request files pulled and refiled, and I can look up any employee file in seconds. It is very nice for our employees when they need to look at their original application or are looking for the performance reviews, as we can shoot it to them in seconds via email. I save a lot of money by being able to send file documents by email instead of having to copy and mail them to the employee or supervisor.”

Stephanie McQuillan, Human Resources Manager

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Poor document management makes the already complicated world of Human Resources much more difficult. Streamline your workload and your costs by using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available. To learn how eFileCabinet can help your human resources agency increase efficiency and compliance with ease, call us at 801-374-5505, chat with us on this page, or fill out the form to request contact from a human resources efficiency expert.

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eFileCabinet is a leading provider of electronic document management software for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as for departments of larger businesses. With electronic sharing capabilities and paperless filing, you can cut out pounds of paper and save your business time and money. With features like eSignatures, optical character recognition, instant electronic sharing and cloud-based file storage, eFileCabinet can bring your office into the paperless era.

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